Saturday, November 01, 2008

Show and Tell - of the Halloween variety

Wow, I never realized just how busy Halloween was until I had a kid in elementary school!

First stop of the day was to take Kiel the Turtle to his daycare Halloween parade at 10am. I'm not quite sure what I had my camera set at, because none of the pictures look in focus. I did get some decent videos of him though.

Here's my little turtle who hated his turtle hat.

Here is Kiel with his favorite caregiver Marci.

And at 1:30 pm we hit Noah's parade. He's smack dab in the middle in his Iron Man costume.

(In between Kiel's parade and Noah's parade, Kiel and I had lunch with Daddy at the hospital.)

Then we got ready for trick or treating at home. My boys trick or treat in style!

Kiel thought the wagon was the best part of the night.
Here's my pumpkin display. I left the candy out on the honor system so I could go out trick or treating with my boys. Surprisingly we came back and there was still candy left in the bowl.
I had some great comments on my political pumpkins, although there were some people who couldn't tell the one pumpkin was Obama. I think the pumpkin shriveled a bit since I carved it on Wednesday, as it didn't look as clear to me either.
One little girl (about 7 or 8) was overheard saying she wasn't going to take candy from our house because we were voting for Obama. I thought that was pretty funny.
I was pleasantly surprised though to see that most of the older kids who stopped by when I was around got my statement and thought it was pretty cool. It was pretty neat to hear the discussions that some of them had as they were leaving.
All in all, Halloween 2008 was a success. No major meltdowns, no upset stomachs and every one got to bed at a fairly reasonable hour. But boy are Rich and I glad it is over for another year!



  1. Whew - I'm tired and I just watched snippets of your day!

    Ours was mellow - halloween food was about as into it as we got!

  2. Same here. It was great fun, but I am happy its done.

    The boys looked adorable and I'm glad you all had a great night!!