Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So here we sit waiting for dinner to finish cooking. I got a bit of a late start because my mother called. I know, shocking! We had a nice chat though, I think we may be on the way to mending some fences. It helped that she called earlier and spoke with Rich and he had a chance to set some things straight with her. She adores him so takes things much better for him.

Found out from her that my sister in laws father died November 1st. I'm a bit PO'd that my mother didn't tell me. But that's the way my family rolls. My mom didn't think it was that important.

Kiel is cranky because he wouldn't nap. He only wanted me and I was busy cooking. By the time I laid down with him to nurse he was beyond napping I think.

The crazy MIL is over and she and Rich had a fight over crackers or something stupid which evolved into the MIL saying Rich never does anything for her, which is absolute crap. Boy, first my family now his. Good thing is that give her ten minutes and she usually forgets what was said.

So dinner is like an hour later than we had planned. Oy...

Speaking of Oy, when you say "oy" to Kiel he puts his hands up to his forehead. Just too cute.

So, anyway....Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. It wouldn't be a family holiday if someone wasn't fighting, right!

  2. Oy is right! Makes me glad I didn't spend Thanksgiving with my family. (They go to my mom's husband's family, who can't be bothered with the childless single woman.)

    Family of choice is the way to go. Sorry you had to deal with that.