Friday, June 30, 2006

Overdue update on fertility

I've been very remiss with my entries lately, as all of you wonderful readers have I'm sure noticed. Ok, slight bit of sarcasm there, as I don't have any regular readers other than my husband, but maybe some day.

So, today we did IVF. Well, the culmination of it, as we transferred four embryos. It was a very good cycle, I felt great with all the meds, and other than some ongoing cramping from the retrieval I feel good. Amazing Daddy was able to step up to the plate and give a good sample of swimmers both the night before retrieval and the morning of. We did have donor sperm on backup, but it will remain frozen. Maybe I can sell it on eBay!

So now starts the two week wait. It could be a long one. I'm on bed/couch rest for a couple days but it seems kind of silly because I fell good. But, on the off chance it will help I'll stay here. Plus, how often do you get to lounge in bed for three days when you aren't sick!

I hope to update my blog over the next couple days. I have lots of great, entertaining, witty entries in my brain, I just never seem to get them out my fingers and onto the screen. Lots of TB stories to share, as well as updated information on his bio family in Russia.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Driving The Boy

Driving home from work last week

TB: Mommy, drop me off at the mall please.

Mommy: What??

TB: Drop me off at the mall please.

Mommy: TB, you're three, not thirteen!

How did he come up with that??

Driving to school recently:

TB: Mommy, light turned lellow.

M: You're right TB, the light turned YELlow. Yuh..yuh..yellow.


Smart ass!