Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sharing the good days

I inadvertently uncovered my Christmas present from Rich's secret hiding place.  His secret hiding place in the back of the van. The van full of kids toys, balls, lawn chairs, etc. that I had to get out of the van so I could put some boxes full of donations to Good Will.

I found a Target bag with a box in it that looked like a shoe box. I took it inside and looked to see which boy he bought them for, which is when I realized it was not a show box, but a box holding one of these.

 My first thought was "no way." We can't afford a new camera. Apparently it was a floor model that was being sold off so Rich got it at an incredible discount.

Yesterday I read enough of the manual to be able to put the battery and memory card in, and today I took it with us to Noah's soccer game, an open house at daycare, and to visit Rich's mom.

It is awesome! What an amazing difference from my other cameras. I hate that I found my present early, but I love that I have it to use now instead of having to wait.

So here are a few of my fave pics from today:

 It just blows my mind how grown up Noah is looking.

Today was a very good day for us, so I'm happy I can share some of it with you in pictures.