Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fucked myself right good with that post, didn't I.


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

and fucking HA!

Did I actually type those words last night that Noah hasn't been kicked out of camp yet?

OK, well, technically it is true, he hasn't been completely kicked out of camp. Yet.

But today I did get a call at work around 9:45am from the head counselor, telling me Noah had pushed (or hit, I'm not exactly sure now) another camper while in line to go to the first activity. So I was asked to come pick him up, since they told him the last time this happened he would have to go home.

I get there to pick him up and he walks up to me head hanging low. You could see he was upset with himself, and probably with everyone else.

I asked him what happened but didn't get a clear explanation from him, other than the other kid was irritating him.

And then I saw an almost empty bottle of Gatorade in his backpack side pocket. I did not send him to camp with Gatorade. In fact, I told his counselors that he should never be allowed to drink Gatorade, so not to let him get it from the soda machine. And I purposely never send money in with him so he isn't able to buy it, even if he wants to.

Apparently I forgot to tell his TSS that we thought Gatorade, like red dye, was irritating to his brain and negatively impacted on his behavior. Fuck me for that oversite.

And yes, the incident did happen after he drank the Gatorade. I'm not blaming it on the Gatorade, because Noah has to learn to control his impulses no matter what, but I do think it is interesting that it happened after he drank something we know is problematic.

It turns out he went to camp with a pocket full of change this morning (not sure yet where he found it, but I'm sure somewhere in the house is a busted piggy bank). He wanted a Coke, but his TSS said no. And of course since I hadn't told him, why would he think Gatorade would be a problem, especially since it wasn't red. Oh well.

So we are both home. He's spent a lot of time in his room. I told him no TV, no computer. He looked at me and had the nerve to say "but what am I going to do?"

Not my problem kid, not my problem. I have real work to do that I'm not able to do at my office, since I had to leave work because of your behavior. (OK, I didn't say any of that to him.)

I hope this is the most boring day he has ever had.


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  1. Oh, those impulse issues... My oldest has that exact problem - though we haven't noticed anything with Gatorade. He's going to Kindergarten this fall and I'm terrifed of how many calls I'm going to get regarding his behavior. Sadly enough this wasn't enough to qualify him for an IEP because he's "too smart". Gotta love the schools:( Good luck figuring out summer camp...