Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Holy crap but there is a lot at stake today!

I have to admit I'm a bit uptight about the election today. Holy crap but there is a lot at stake!

Noah can't wait to go to the polls with me. I'm so impressed about how much they talk about the elections at school, and how much he understands for being five years old.

Yesterday they voted at their school on A or B. I thought it was a pretty cool exercise. A couple weeks ago signs for A and B showed up around the school. Then a bit later signs to vote for A or vote for B appeared. This started discussion around the school as to what A and B were. And got to the importance of actually knowing what you are voting for.

Eventually it was explained that A was for homework, and B was for recess, which lead to even more discussion. And finally it was uncovered that A was for a night WITHOUT homework, and B was for a day WITH ten minutes more recess.

Yesterday was the big vote. Noah voted for B.

Cute story ~

Rich was watching one of those Sunday morning political shows last week end and he and Noah were talking about Obama and McCain. Rich asked Noah who he was going to vote for.

Noah's response? "I'm undecided."

Hysterical, huh?

He's firmly on the Obama band wagon now though!

It's all about the ears people!



  1. Honestly, I will cry if Obama loses.

  2. Whoooo for posting every day! I just can't do it yet, but maybe one day.

    I voted and I just know I'll be the vote that makes the difference, right?

  3. Bear said they voted at school today too.

    I said, "What did you vote for?" expecting some kind of cool exercise like you reported. Nope. "Scooby Doo puzzles, princess toys in the play house" were her top two.


  4. I love the "A" and "B" idea. I have never heard of that at a school. Especially at Noah's age, but I love it. Kids should be learning more about the eletoral process.

    And te pic - OMG!! I love it. He's holding daddy's handlebar ears!