Thursday, August 13, 2015

And then we moved!

Oh baby it has been a busy three months! Yup, we sold our house! We closed on the new house July 17 (two days late) after some bank shenanigans with our buyers mortgage company.

Lesson learned: social media can be very powerful! Wells Fargo can pretty much #suckit, but call them out on Facebook and you might get your own personal customer service specialist assigned to your complaint, which in our case got some gears greased and things moving, even if they still made mistakes in the process.

We spent a couple nights at a hotel and had to reschedule, then reschedule again the moving company and several deliveries. We still haven't had the stuff stored in the POD delivered, although Rich promises that is coming this weekend. Personally, I think he's doing it just to remind me he still has some control.  

Tomorrow we will have been here four weeks. I am not even close to having everything unpacked. The important stuff is done though, like the kitchen, our clothes, and as of yesterday the X-box.

I can't even begin to express just how happy we are! This house is perfect for us. I feel so incredibly lucky. We have room, space, freedom. No drums! No yelling though the walls! No unease walking out our own front door!

Right now my boys are playing on our new trampoline (!) with the kids from next door. The kids that came and knocked on our door the first night! And that brought two other kids from the street with them the next night.

One neighbor brought us a pie! Another a pot of flowers!

I'm enchanted by the new little town we live in, even though it's only seven miles or so from where we were. It's seven miles further out in the country. Our local farm market has milk in glass bottles! We have deer in our back yard. There are rolling hills. We are on one! I still get excited driving home from work every day.

I'm content. I'm happy. Who knew a house could have so much power. Life is good.

Pictures in the next post I promise. :)


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