Sunday, November 30, 2008

Show and tell - of the Christmas card variety

For Show and Tell this week I thought I'd share some of the joy I experienced this weekend.

Spent a couple hours this weekend attempting to take pictures for our Christmas card. I'm surprised I have any hair left after the experience. Here are a few of the gems I captured.

While looking at this one I realized Noah had colored himself with a yellow Sharpie. Not a good look on him.

I was going to use this picture, but, well, I think you can see why I changed my mind. I don't really think the jaundiced look is in this year.

You can see how much Noah is enjoying this little exercise.

Then of course we see how much fun Kiel thinks this is.

Here Kiel is wondering, as we often do, "you got a brain in there Noah."

Noah's not so sure about that himself.

See why I need therapy?

edited to add:

I thought I'd try Sasha's idea of changing the one pic to a black and white. In fact as soon as I read her idea I was like "duh, why didn't I think of that." So here it is in black and white.

Now he looks like he has a gangrenous hand and some funky hitleresque facial hair. Worth a try though. hehe



  1. That second one is so perfect, I wonder if his hand color could be photoshopped or maybe a black and white pic?

  2. Very cute! I love their jammies!

  3. I used to go the Xmas photo route. I could never get a good pic of all three. I ditched the traditional Xmas photo, for a photo of the three children taken at some other time of the year. The kids were more relaxed as they could feel the pressure of the Xmas photo and acted accordingly. The drawback no cute, matching outfits. Well, I get my cards printed at Costco...I use a Christmas themed postcard and a non-Christmassy photo which results in a decent Christmas card combo.

  4. So cute. I think all the photos look great.

  5. I think the picture is darling, I wonder if you could just erase the yellow, since the b&w didn't work...

  6. Ahhh, the annual good pic struggle.

    I finally gave up and ordered those Snapfish ones that have multiple picture options!

  7. I think the black and white does a pretty decent camouflage job. Truly does not matter when they're so damn cute!

  8. Don't know what happened to my I will write it again.

    Photoshop it! If you really like it and need help, let me know. I can fix it for you.

    I photoshop most of my pics. It's great!

  9. I thought I'd already commented but since i don't see it here I can only assume that my Blackberry (a) is still trying to kill me or (2) doesn't understand how cute your kids are and how important it is that I tell you so.

    Seriously. Adorable.

  10. Found your blog while blog hopping. I love these shots... what a fun night... I'll have to remember the light thing for next year.

  11. I love the b&w. I do it to lots of pictures of my son because it hides the muck on his face or the snot on his nose or the chip in the wall behind him!