Sunday, November 09, 2008

Show and Tell - of the water baby variety

Kiel and Rich started swim lessons this weekend.

Kiel loves the water in the bath so we figured we should get him in the pool soon before he gets afraid of water in his face.

In the bath he will lean over and put his face right in the water, or fill his bucket up with water and dump it over his head. Then he just laughs as he shakes the water away.

He loved the pool! I think the only problem was it was a bit chilly and he was shivering for most of the lesson.

How cute is my little water baby?


  1. Kiel is beautiful. My grand dad got me in the pool at 6 months old & I have yet to get My mom had to bribe me to get out even if I had blue lips. Getting him in the pool early is awesome :)

  2. VERY, very, very cute! Look at his smiles, what a little water bug.

  3. Very cute. I hope he continues to love the water.

  4. It looks like he took right to it. I think it's great to teach them early. That's what I did. And Chris is still a beach bum today. He loves the water. Did you do the blow in the face and dunk him thing? Great way to get them under water. And fun for the parents too. Watch their faces when they come up - hilarious!!

  5. Now if you could just get rid of the word verification option - that damn thing made me try twice to leave a message. Grrrr!!!