Monday, October 29, 2007

1 big belly + 1 broken front seat = one strange excuse for being late for work

Amazing Daddy put the infant seat in the cars yesterday. To do so he moved the front seat forward. No big deal huh? Until I get in this morning and realize it is too far forward for me and try to move it back....and it won't go. So I try moving it problem. Except I'm belly up to the steering wheel.

So I squeeze myself out of the car and start playing with the controls. Nothing but forward, up and down. Call to hubby gets the "oh yeah, I had to jiggle it a bit yesterday, try that." So I jiggle...I jiggle and jiggle...and swear (quietly of course, since The Boy is in the car). Nothing.

AD is on his way home to get us. I swear to all that is good, if he gets that fucking thing to work with no problems I'm going to go back to bed and stay there the rest of the day.

Oh yeah, I had to call my boss to let her know I was going to be late. She laughed...a lot. Can't make this shit up!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Week 37 update

So I'm cruising along. Ultrasound last week indicated baby brother was 7 pounds 4 oz, with three'ish weeks to go. Let's hope for a good margin of error on that one, or I'm looking at a 9 plus pounder.

U/S also shows baby is finally head down. A week ago Friday at 35 1/2 weeks he was still breech and the doctor was scheduling me for an external version to turn him, or a scheduled c-section. I really do not want a c-section, but was also not thrilled about a version, considering the risks. I talked her in to giving me a week to try and do it on my own. I spent a significant amount of time over the weekend in a head down position with my ass pointed up. I also played music in my crotch and put ice on my fundus. On Sunday I was telling Amazing Daddy that I thought something had shifted because I was hungry (which I haven't been in a couple months) and even after I ate I wanted some more. I didn't really think he had turned though.

Well, Monday I had an U/S to see and I was pleasantly surprised to find out he was indeed head down. The perinatologist reconfirmed with another U/S on Friday. So, sounds like we are good to go.

From what I understand if the baby turns on his own it's a pretty good chance he will stay that way, unlike with a version.

Our doula (did I mention we are going to have a doula at the birth?) gave us some exercises and positions to help us ensure he stays head down.

So I guess I'm in the home stretch. I'm certainly feeling more uncomfortable by the day and finally I think I can say I'm ready for this to happen. The painting is almost finished in the nursery. I hope to finish tomorrow. Then the furniture is scheduled to come Friday afternoon. And then, finally, I can do what I've been waiting to do, and organize all the piles of stuff sitting around the house! Yeah! Maybe then I'll actually believe this is happening.

Speaking of names...

We still can't agree on a name for baby brother. 37 weeks in and nothing. We are at an impasse...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And forever after he shall be called….Herman

Herman the Hemorrhoid that is. Or Hermy, as I (not so) affectionately call him.

Yes, a walnut size mass has taken over my anal region. And it ain’t pretty. Or comfortable.

All in all I’ve been pretty lucky as far as the irritating pregnancy issues go. No varicose veins (yet), no stretch marks, no sciatica, I’m not waddling yet.

But damn Hermy, you came on with a vengeance this week.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hey, check out my shaved pussy!

34 weeks and counting

So here I am just shy of 35 weeks. I feel huge, of course. And awkward. I literally have to pick my belly up when I roll over in bed so it will follow me. Baby brother is riding high and giving me a bit of a scare that he's never going to turn head down. He's taking up a lot of room in there, thus making it hard to catch my breath and leaving me little room to eat. Can't say that lack of hunger is a bad thing. I continue to stay within the same 2 or 3 pound range, but he continues to grow, so the doctors are pleased.

I really can't complain with how this pregnancy is going, and feel like I don't deserve to complain. I am however tired, and getting tired of not being able to do things. The house is getting out of control and the baby's room is still not done.

Oh yes, about the baby's room. I'm getting close to having the painting finished. We had a chair rail put up yesterday, which I need to wood putty the nail holes and then paint. After that other than some touch ups I think the painting will be done. Unfortunately, the first weekend I started painting, Amazing Daddy and The Boy were "helping." TB started to get a little wild, and I asked AD to get him, since I was up on the ladder. Unfortunately, AD kicked over a gallon of green paint in the process. About 3/4 of a gallon of paint on the carpet. Quite the mess. I swear, that man will do anything to get out of painting! Ha. Actually, he felt awful about it, and it was a total accident. I shouldn't have had the can where I did.

So, we are getting new floors. And, since I really wanted wood floors from the beginning, that's what we are getting. Of course, I didn't have this in the budget, and they are costing 2 times what I thought they would. Ughhh... But, they are going to look gorgeous (if they ever get them installed). This room will probably look better than any other room in the house.

Hopefully as soon as the floors are down and I finish the final touch ups, the furniture will be ready to be delivered. Only then will I feel like I can start sorting through the clothes and really seeing what we have left to get. Right how what we do have (yeah for hand me downs!) is all sitting in our dining room. I will feel so much better when the room is ready.

We did register at Baby's R Us and Target, but more to help me keep track of what we need, than anything else. There has been no talk of anyone giving us a baby shower. I admit, I'm very disappointed. Unfortunately, it's part of that "bigger picture" that I've had in my head all these years, while waiting and hoping I would get pregnant. I'll get over it though. Since, technically, this is our second child, I understand. Not to mention that AD's side of the family is Jewish and don't do baby showers.

AD has really stepped up to the plate the last couple weeks. He's been very helpful around the house, he's been doing about 95% of the cooking and taking care of TB. And he's been very sweet to me.

We started birthing classes last week and I think that has helped him see that this is real. Plus the instructor is very verbal about the dad's needing to take care of the mom's, and AD is listening! It has been so nice!

We need to spend more time practicing the relaxation stuff they are teaching us, but we are trying. I do feel like I've learned some stuff from the class, and have a better idea of what to expect.

I went in to the class with a "give me drugs" attitude, but I'm thinking now I'd like to go as long as I can without getting an epidural. I really don't want to be stuck in bed any more than I have to. It sounds like being up and moving makes things move along faster, so that's what I'm going to try for.

Our biggest concern is what we are going to do with The Boy. We do have some people on call to help us out, and when I know I'm definitely in labor I'm to call my parents so they can start the 12 hour drive out from Michigan. I didn't realize that there was so much laboring done at home. I'm not sure how TB will handle that. I'm such a planner, that this bit of "when will it start" is hard for me. But, still exciting.

As for my parents coming I'm glad they will be here, especially to help out with The Boy. I can also trust my mom to pick up what ever baby stuff we didn't get around to buying. My concern though is that if I go late, we may be getting close to Thanksgiving. My mom has had Thanksgiving at her house for the family "on the farm" the last couple years. Knowing her, she won't think it is ok to not do it this year. Or to cancel at the last minute (even though my brother, my cousin, or my aunt and uncle are all capable of handling it). So, I know she will start to stress about this if it gets close to it. And, I'll start to feel like its a competition between me and "the farm." Fortunately my dad is more flexible with stuff like this, and will hopefully keep her calm.

There have been so many things I've wanted to blog about in the last couple weeks, just haven't been in the writing mood. Hopefully I'll do better in these last couple weeks.