Saturday, October 29, 2005

Can I look them in the eye again?

So I'm doing laundry this morning and I'm unpacking The Boy's bag from school (sheet, blankets etc. for nap time) and tucked at the bottom of the bag (nicely folded mind you), under a hat that I didn't even know he had at school, was a pair of my panties. Pink....not in the best shape...but at least clean! Well, I assume they were clean since it must have stuck to one of his blankets that I pulled out of the dryer at the last minute Monday morning before rushing out the door.

I can't wait to see them Monday morning and ask which teacher pulled those out. Or better yet, did TB find them himself and show them off. I can just hear him...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What makes me laugh (until I pee myself).

The other day I bought my son a pack of miniature whoopee cushions that I found on sale at Target.

Let me just say that I had the most amusing half hour watching him try to position his hind end on those tiny little balloons (and believe me, it took some maneuvering on his part). And then the pure joy that emanated from him as tiny puffs of air were released from the general vicinity of his rear, while he gleefully exclaimed "Mommy...I tooted!"

Of course, some of the hilarity on my end may have been a result of constantly blowing those damn things up, while inhaling the toxic fumes of the rubber/vinyl??? they are made of.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mommy Guilt Sucks!

The guilt associated with being a Mom sucks. And husbands have the ability to magnify it ten fold. Don't they understand that we already feel guilty every time we don't do everything! Just by not doing something, or not being there, or god forbid - take time to ourselves, or get sick, we feel guilt. Any act of non-support from them just makes us feel worse.

Then, we feel even worse, because we know we shouldn't have to feel guilty. That we deserve some time/space/shopping/time to heal, etc.. So we feel guilty for feeling guilty. And mad and frustrated that our spouse isn't telling us to enjoy, relax, take some time, don't think of us, etc..

So we feel guilt, mix it up with a good dose of frustration and plain old "pissed off." And we might as well not have even tried, because now we feel even worse.

Guilt is like the dust bunny in the corner. It grows exponentially with time.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Women who TRIED to lunch

What is wrong with this town?!? Is there no decent restaurant slash drinking establishment open for lunch on a Tuesday!

11:30am we sneak out the side door, avoiding the busload of Dutch pharmacists that have come to see our resident "genius" (yes, it's true, one of this years winner of the Macarthur Fellows Program is the big boss here).

11:40am Arrive at Dos Amigos, Mexican restaurant and margarita bar. NT and I agreeing that all we need in life to be happy are margaritas and chips with queso dip. Second to that would be the Outbacks cheese and bacon fries.

11:41am Notice man pulling unsuccessfully on restaurant door, unable to open. We stare at sign with hours on it, unable to believe THEY ARE NOT OPEN FOR LUNCH ON TUESDAYS!

11:43am Return to car to try and figure out what to do. Briefly discuss going to On the Border, but out of guilt decide a 45 minute drive to a restaurant probably isn't ok on a lunch break. Brilliant idea - since we just discussed the Outback, let's do the next best thing - cheese and bacon fries! And - love that peach frozen drink thingy they have.

12noon What?? The Outback is closed too! What is wrong with this world! Don't they know our bosses are both on vacation!??

12noon to 12:15pm Drive around aimlessly wondering how our lunch date could be going so terribly wrong!

12:20pm Decide to try new Mexican restaurant that NT heard about but isn't quite sure where it is.

12:25pm Actually find said restaurant on a little side street on first try. Agree that we hope it isn't "too authentic." Park and walk to restaurant which says "Authentic Mexican food." Decide to try it anyway because we are friggin hungry!

12:30pm to 1:15pm Enjoy bean burritos, chicken quesadillas and chips and salsa. Watch adorable little girl of owners toddle around the small (six table) restaurant. Decide this wasn't a bad idea.

1:25pm Return to work, unsuccessfully avoiding the "big boss" and his wife. Pretend we were here all along. Smile at cute Dutch pharmacists.

4pm Email NT - I'm not feeling so good, how about you?
NT - yeah, me too. Uh OH.

Women who lunch and men who stay home

My favorite coworker, NT, and I are skipping out for a few hours to go "do lunch." Both of our "bosses" are away this week, so we are taking full advantage of it. I do believe margaritas are called for.

On the home front, Amazing Daddy is home with The Boy today as it is Rosh Hashanah and he is not supposed to "work." Little does he know what a day at home with The Boy is really like. I resisted leaving him a list of "chores." I fear that one day I may choose not to do all the errands I usually do on my days at home with TB and he will figure it out. If he manages to have dinner on the table when I get home, and the MIL doesn't stay too long, it will be ok. Big bonus - because The Boy wasn't in daycare today, he can go on Thursday and I get A DAY TO MYSELF! God is good!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Our adoption story

I realized that I never really told the story of The Boy's adoption. Since I created a website for it during the adoption I'm going to link you guys there.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Boy's favorite sayings

"TB so funny!"

"Mommy so silly!"

"TB tooted!"

"You have beautiful eyes."

"No macka tussie."

"Kitty kat throw up Mommy, kitty kat throw."