Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday party success

Birthday party was a success! Everyone enjoyed seeing each other and ate well. Cake was enjoyed by all. I'll post pictures of Kiel and his smash cake tomorrow when I have more energy.

I didn't get a chance to nurse or pump all day so I'm taking a little break to pump while Rich takes the boys with him to take his mom home. When ever I go so long between nursing I end up screwing myself up and having less.

Noah did really well today. His social anxieties didn't seem to bother him too much, I think because he was on his home turf. He interacted well with everyone and even held some decent conversations. Rich's family all know about his "issues" and are very understanding. Several of them commented at different times during the party that they see improvement in him. That was really nice to hear.

They both looked adorable in matching shirts. Kiel charmed everyone. He's just so freaking cute! And I am just so biased! hehe

Boy am I tired...



  1. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Glad Noah had a fun time. Birthday parties can be stressful for all.

    We used to do at-home parties for friends and family--parties were too big and caused problems for birthday child. By the time each child was 5, we moved on to doing two parties, one for friends and one for family--it made for a long weekend of parties, house cleaning, and entertaining. I think we now have the solution to the party stress--we have a combined family and friend party at a location not at my house--pool, gymnastics. I bring everything we need for the party in a box. The party place cleans up the mess. The party is two hours max, so I only need to be around difficult family members for a short time--win for me!

  2. Woohoo! Birthday party success is always a good thing! Our girls went to one each yesterday. You can see pics of The Comedian's at the parenting blog for S and T.

    Rest up!!!

  3. glad it went so well. now onto find the next post so i can see some pics.