Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hanukkah, schmanukkah

Oh my goodness but I've been drowning in a sea of work the past few weeks. I feel like I'm back in school, bringing work home with me every night, working on the weekends etc. This seems to happen every December. The pharma companies I consult for all want to use up their budgets before they lose them at end of year, so throw a shit load of projects at us. Of course they want them done and waiting for them when they come back from their two week holiday. So I'm working my ass off, and I canceled my vacation for earlier this month (did I already bitch about this?) but I will take time off over Christmas to visit my family in Michigan. We leave Friday and if I have to stay up all night tonight and tomorrow I will get this last project done. It's interesting how my technical writing gets a bit, how shall we say it, fanciful when I'm working on these reports at midnight.

So I had to take a few minutes to write this post, despite the fact I should be getting The Boy to bed soon so I can work some more. I had to write this post because I need to vent a bit about what happened this weekend.

I married in to a some what bizarre family. Not that my family is much better, believe me, we have our dirty laundry too. But, Amazing Daddy's family, oy, talk about dysfunctional. His older brother (by eight years) has the typical I'm the oldest son of the family mentality, yet he really has no patience for his own mother and her rapidly aging mind. They have had "issues" with pretty much everyone else in the extended family (basically all cousins at this point) and have very little to do with any of them. My SIL has been feuding with her family for years, and when her mother passed away a couple weeks ago all we heard from them is that her family didn't include her in any of the funeral plans etc. Yeah, well, after this weekend, it's going to be hard to convince me that the reason for all this "we just don't get along" shit lies firmly on my BIL and SIL's shoulders.

Weeks ago I invited BIL and SIL and their two grown sons (one with wife and toddler) over for a Hanukkah party for the family. Me, the non jew of the family, trying very hard to keep the family together and celebrate their special holidays. So for three days I prepare for this event, you know, cooking, making chocolate gelt, I even made the blue star of david jello mold. So, party set to start at 4pm, six pounds of brisket in the oven, and ten pounds of potatoes on hand for latkes, at 1pm BIL calls to say younger nephew is sick and that his face hurts (from the removal of a growth a few days prior). Of course we say we understand and we'll get together with them after we get back from Michigan. So we call oldest nephew just to make sure they are still coming, and to let them know they can come earlier if they want. They are a bit wishy washy on the phone and say they have to talk to L (SIL). Five minutes later they call and tell us plans have changed and they aren't coming, because they have to go to BIL and SIL's. Something about they were going their first. So, to make a long, boring story short, I was out manipulated by BIL and SIL. If they couldn't see oldest son and first grandchild that day, they weren't going to let us see them. It's not like we see them very often, so I'm not sure why they would feel this was a competition or something.

So I was pissed, because damn it I spent a lot of time getting ready (time I really could have used on work stuff or spending time with my own son) and no one came.

I'd say that's the last time I offer to entertain them at our house, but it wouldn't matter, because they would never get the point.

I'm not mad at older nephew and family, because I know they have to walk a thin line with his parents, and get manipulated by them often. Of course they never seem to have the balls to stand up to passive-aggressive SIL. Just like SH won't stand up to his big brother.

This family drives me crazy. And we'll be eating brisket for a week. But damn, it's one good brisket. And I do make divine latkes for a shikse!

OK, enough whining. Next post I tell you about constipated kitty and the growth on his ass!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

embryo updates

Several of you have commented or emailed recently asking what was going on with our donor embryo plan.

Something to know about me, when I've made a decision to do something I tend to stop talking/writing about it since in my head it is a done deal. Anyway, we are moving forward with the DET. I'll start Lupron after my next period, then the ET after that. I think this will put us in February for the transfer, since Aunt Flo is due to visit us again around Christmas time. Yes, a true red Christmas.

The only obstacle I foresee right now is that I may need surgery on my wrist. I have an appointment this week with the hand surgeon. If I do (which at this point I just want to do and get it over with) I'm hoping they will do it soon so it is out of the way before this cycle and a potential pregnancy.

Of course, just by saying that I've jinxed myself in to failure.

A little bit of cuteness to brighten your day.

conifers and powder, oh my

Well hello Saturday afternoon! The Boy is napping; all hail the holy spirits of naptitude! And with trusty work laptop on my lap (of course) I am successfully procrastinating doing every thing that I should do (as in; write holiday letter, finish Kodak projects, start work project that has me seriously stressed out to the point of cancelling my week of vacation this month, and all other mommy/wifely duties). And since I am feeling some what witty (although what sounds so funny in my head rarely makes it out of my fingers and on to the screen as humorous as I want) I figure I'd take some time and update my bloggy friends on the goings on in my world.

Christmas tree is up, and looking mighty fine if I do say so myself. Following my family tradition we went on the great tree hunt as soon after Thanksgiving as possible. I've groomed my son well apparently, because all talk prior to the hunt was about getting a BIG tree! Bigger than PaPa Rick! Which is pretty damn big in the eyes of a three year old, considering grandpa is 6'3" and solid.

As we entered the nursery where we bought the tree, The Boy's eyes got huge and he said "Wow, look at all those conifers!"

WTF? What three year old calls Christmas trees conifers?? I blame it on They Might be Giants. Well, at least he's learning something from his DVD's. Unlike the "stupid" and "shut up" he got from Toystory. Which, btw, we threw away today after he said both phrases numerous times while out running errands today. Is he too young to make eat a bar of soap?

Anyway, TB had great fun running through all the "conifers" and we did indeed get one bigger than PaPa Rick.
Perhaps this picture shows the devil in his eyes a little better.

All that cuteness that surrounds a little mischievous troll. As evidence I present the following pictures, the results of a forgotten can of zinc oxide powder left overnight in his room:

Please do learn from my mistake and vacuum immediately. Zinc oxide absorbs moisture from the air (which as a freaking pharmacist I should have remembered!), which results in a nice moist gummy mess instead of that fluffy powder it could have been 12 hours prior.