Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - political pumpkin



  1. Wow! First, I love the subject. And second, my pumpkin carving skills are very second grade, so I am impressed!

  2. Stellar!
    I'm more of a hack and stab...

  3. SHUT.UP! How did you do that??!!
    I am crazy impressed. Mine is gonna look like it was run over by a truck and dragged 50 feet.

  4. Well Done! Not sure we're getting to pumpkins this year...(sigh) - but we do have to make rice krispie kitty cats for pre-school snack tomorrow!!!

    If they look remotely like the picture...I'll post!

  5. I think you should place the pumpkin on top of the TV that is sitting on your floor. May be your husband would notice and move the TV.

    By the way I love your pumpkin carving skills. We graduated to giving our pumpkin eyebrows...progress indeed. Not to sure about the face on your pumpkin, but...