Saturday, February 03, 2007

Operation Diaper Free

Operation Diaper Free - Day 1:

One accident at daycare followed by The Boy holding all bodily fluids the rest of the day. Upon arriving home major meltdown of TB as he strips his pants off and attempts to put his own diaper on. Awesome Daddy remembered the cheerio trick and manages to convince TB to try peeing standing up. No luck, but he does try several more times. Success achieved after bath as the floodgates opened. Who knew a 4 year old could hold so much.

Operation Diaper Free - Day 2:

One accident at daycare, teachers decide to push fluids. Pee success in afternoon! Yeah, happy potty dance ensues. Another pee success when home with daddy, this time hitting the cheerios! Just before bath as The Boy is running around naked while I get it ready, he comes running to me very upset with poop hanging from his behind. Major melt down as I attempt to get him on the toilet as poop gets on the seat and freaks TB out. TB is very grossed out by poop getting on him! Mommy isn't that thrilled by it either.

Operation Diaper Free - Day 3:

Two accidents at daycare, teachers push even more fluids. Again, pee success in afternoon. Minor pee and poop accident (while sitting on my lap at the computer - lucky me). TB tells us several times that "underwear is not a good idea" and "pooping in the potty is not a good idea." During dinner while sitting in his underwear he realizes he has some pee on his leg and we run to the bathroom. Another successful cheerio shower!

Operation Diaper Free - Day 4:

Today we are at home. Multiple accidents including one poop. During nap I let him wear a pullup because I didn't want him playing the get up to go potty game instead of sleeping. Not sure if that was a good idea or not, as his pullup was full of pee and poop when he got up. Home with daddy now as I am at work.

Can't say I'm enjoying potty training. Although, I don't imagine anyone really does. I really don't care for poop.

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  1. Oh my... you should have titled this "the adventures of poop."

    hope it gets better soon... or at least you can keep your patience!