Monday, February 26, 2007

Super Nanny disappointment

I'm watching Super Nanny right now and I can really relate to the mother with the child with ADHD. I understand her pain. I'm incredibly lucky that I don't have the problems with Amzing Daddy that she does with her husband. AD really is an equal partner (if not more) in caring for The Boy. In fact lately I think he handles The Boy much better than I do.

Anyway, back to Super Nanny, I'm hoping she will give some serious tips about how to handle the aggression that the boy on the show has. The bit they showed where the son was hitting and kicking her when he was angry could be TB. That woman could be me. Well, other than she's pregnant, blond, thin and beautiful. She so wants to do the right thing for her son, just like we do.

We are trying TB on medication. We have put a lot of thought into doing this and feel we need to give it a try. We started Adderal XR 5 mg on Saturday. Since AD was totally in charge this weekend while I was in bed I won't really have a chance to see what it is doing until tomorrow. At school today they said he was very emotional and defiant with his teachers. Over the weekend I thought he was more emotional as well. He's not sleeping that well, although that isn't that unusual.

I think it is important that we give this try at least a week. We see the developmental pediatrician at CHOP in two weeks.

Hmmm...five minutes left and still no earth shattering tips to deal with the aggression.

Oh wow, is that little girl adorable!

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