Tuesday, February 27, 2007

day 4 of 2ww

I felt slightly light headed most of the day yesterday. I felt like that around this time during our first cycle. Today I had definite cramping in my lower abdomen. Implantation cramping? I sure hope so. I was pretty excited feeling it. No spotting unfortunately. That would make me a little more confident that this wasn't the result of wishful thinking.

Still feeling optimistic here and hoping it doesn't come back and bite me in the ass.

I realized yesterday that my parents will be visiting us the weekend that we find out. I had been trying to get them to come that Thursday night so I could spend my day off with them on Friday, but now I'm glad they aren't since the pregnancy test is that day. Not that I won't pee on a stick before then. Shit, I asked Amazing Daddy if I could do an HPT today.


  1. Glad the transfer went well. Hang in there during the 2ww.

  2. Hope all is going well with the two week wait.