Monday, February 05, 2007

DFET update

So I'm in the midst of our donor embryo cycle. I started estrogen patches a week ago and am up to three vivelle 0.1 mg dot patches. I likey me some estrogen. I feel a hell of a lot better than I did when I wrote that pathetic post two weeks ago. awful was that one?

Anyway....transfer is next Friday (2/16). They are 2pn embryos so they will be thawed on Tuesday. If I understand correctly they will be transferred at blast stage. Does that make sense Leggy?

It's nice not having to go in for monitoring as often. I'm not telling anyone at work this time, and it's worked out well because my appointments are on Tuesdays and Fridays (my days off) for the most part. Since the transfer is on a Friday I'll have the weekend to rest.


As for Operation Diaper Free we are on day six! No accidents today. All the pee pee made it in to the potty, and he even held it during a time out (literally held it). Yippee!!!!!


Latest words of cuteness:

I pointed to a red spot below The Boy's belly button the other day and asked him what it was. He thought I was pointing above the belly button and looked at me like I was an idiot.

"It's my nibble mommy" he said.

Ah yes, of course, his nibble.

This morning he looked at me and pointed to my "nibbles" while I was getting dressed and told me I had "big nibbles."

I love me some nibbles.


  1. I guess you mean a blastocyst? I'm surprised they are growing them that long. How many embryos do you have and how many will you transfer? Will they refreeze the rest?

    Good luck- its always nice when the timing works out with a weekend transfer/bedrest. All of my transfers were either on Fridays or Saturdays, which gave me the weekend to relax.

  2. Hi - I just read your comment on Julia's blog. I had a child similar to yours and I wanted to pass along what helped us: The Feingold Organization is a non-profit organization that researches the correlation between behavioral issues and certain & specific food additives.

    Not selling anything and I get nothing at all. Just an FYI from another mom!

    Kfeagin @ gmail . com

  3. I'm glad you are liking the estrogen... that's a good thing! Take it while you can - there are so few meds in IVF that are actually pleasant.

    I will have my fingers crossed for you next week for good thaw results and some healthy strong embryos for transfers. That is good if they are growing them to blast - you'll get a good sense for the best ones that way. How many are they thawing?

    I love the "nibble" story...