Wednesday, February 14, 2007

101 things I love about Amazing Daddy

  1. He's an amazing Daddy.
  2. He not only reads the stories, he talks about the pictures.
  3. He's an awesome cook.
  4. He's brilliantly intelligent.
  5. He makes me laugh.
  6. He has this cute freckle on his left ear lobe
  7. I love rubbing his bald head.
  8. He buys me flowers.
  9. When we lived in different states and were dating he sent me cards almost every day.
  10. He introduced me to new authors.
  11. He cleans the litter box.
  12. He married me even though I had four cats and a dog.
  13. He laughs at my jokes.
  14. He doesn't care that I'm not skinny.
  15. He thinks I'm beautiful.
  16. He's damn handsome.
  17. He owns his own tux.
  18. He cooks for me.
  19. He changes our son's diapers.
  20. He empties the diaper pail.
  21. He can fall asleep instantly. (Fine, I'm jealous of that.)
  22. He keeps my car full of gas.
  23. He stops at the store on the way home when I ask him to.
  24. Even though we need the money he tells me I can stop working Saturday nights.
  25. Did I mention he makes me laugh.
  26. He's an amazing pharmacist.
  27. When I think about how much I love him I start to tear up.
  28. When he tells the story of how we adopted our son he tears up.
  29. He told me once that cuddling is better than sex. He was totally lying!
  30. When we were dating and first married if I watched sports with him he would scratch my back.
  31. He helped me give my cat an enema.
  32. He cleaned up dog barf when I thought I was going to barf.
  33. He rubs my back when I barf.
  34. When ever he touches me I feel better.
  35. He has healing hands.
  36. He can laugh at himself.
  37. He lets me laugh at him.
  38. He takes care of all car related issues.
  39. He takes out the garbage.
  40. He has soft hands.
  41. He makes me want to be a better person.
  42. He teaches me about the world.
  43. He almost always knows the answer.
  44. He lets me talk to him late at night when I can't sleep, even though he's struggling to stay awake.
  45. He almost always lets me sleep in on weekends.
  46. He gets me medicine when I wake up with a migraine.
  47. He buys me ice cream when I have PMS.
  48. He puts up with my crazy days.
  49. When it snows he shovels the drive.
  50. He cleans my car off for me.
  51. He enjoys playing with our son and he's good at it.
  52. He takes our son to see his mother every week.
  53. He's a great, caring son to his mother.
  54. He does all the driving.
  55. He never minds when my parents visit.
  56. He lets me listen to country music even though he hates it.
  57. He is teaching our son about Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen.
  58. He's not shy about using the bathroom in front of me.
  59. He sees me naked every day and he still loves me.
  60. He plays outside with our son and takes him for nature walks when he knows I need a break.
  61. He lets me have "me" time.
  62. When I quit my job five years ago and told him I wanted to work part time he didn't freak out (much).
  63. He gives great shots in the ass.
  64. He hates that the shots hurt me.
  65. He tells me I am beautiful.
  66. I know he loves me.
  67. He gives me space when I need it.
  68. He drives twelve hours each way so we can visit my parents.
  69. He cleans the shower.
  70. He loved my grandma almost as much as I did.
  71. He knows how to get our son back in control.
  72. He has a million times more patience than I do.
  73. He only laughs at me a little bit when I don't know simple music or movie trivia.
  74. Even though he's happy with our family the way it is, he's letting me try to get pregnant.
  75. He takes care of me when I'm sick.
  76. He really is my prince charming.
  77. He knows how to load and unload the dishwasher.
  78. He's a better cook than I am.
  79. He almost never leaves the toilet seat up.
  80. He calls me at work every day just to check in.
  81. He's loyal.
  82. I trust him.
  83. He looks AT LEAST ten years younger than he really is.
  84. He's proud of his farts.
  85. He's a true gentleman (despite the farting) and is teaching our so to be one too.
  86. He supports me no matter what I'm doing.
  87. I know he's proud of me when I accomplish something.
  88. He listens to me (most of the time).
  89. He married ME!
  90. He is the best friend I have ever had.
  91. He loves children.
  92. He goes shopping with me.
  93. He goes shopping with me for clothes, and helps me pick them out.
  94. He'll go to the mall for me and get what I need at the makeup counter.
  95. He celebrates Christmas with me, even though he's Jewish.
  96. He takes me to get a real Christmas tree every year.
  97. He is thoughtful.
  98. He snuggles me when I need it.
  99. He feels bad when he has to discipline our son, then sneaks in at night to cuddle with him.
  100. He ALWAYS kisses me goodbye.
  101. He never goes to sleep without kissing me and telling me he loves me.

Happy Valentine's day sweetheart. You are the love of my life and I can't imagine being with out you.


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