Tuesday, February 20, 2007

While I'm here I might as well give an update on the FET

My estrogen finally went up after a few days of Estrace tablets shoved up my vahjayjay as Oprah calls it (not sure how she spells it though), or my hotpocket as my IVF nurse called it. So we are a go for transfer on Friday.

Today I started my Medrol dose pack and the PIO shots. I still have on four estrogen patches but have stopped the vaginal Estrace.

Apparently the embryos were frozen on day one, so technically at zygote stage. They will be transferred at what is considered day three. I'll return for blood work next Friday and then the pregnancy test in two weeks. We are hoping to thaw five and transfer the best two or three. This would give us five left if we need to try again.

The other couple that used some of these embryos in December apparently got pregnant.

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  1. Sounds exciting and promising. I'll be thinking of you on Friday!