Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two out of Three

Noah doesn't have school this week so Rich and I are taking turns staying home.

He had two awesome days this week, yesterday with me and Monday with Rich. Today he had a horrible afternoon with Rich. Like he was a completely different kid than he was yesterday.

Maybe there were some warning signs yesterday. Or maybe there is no warning and it just is, like a switch is flipped. To the right = awesome; to the left = hell.

After his vision therapy appointment yesterday afternoon we went to the market to grab a few things, which of course turned into a full cart. Noah was so awesome. He was happy. He was helpful and fun and accepting. A joy to be with. Except he was going at 1.5 times normal speed. He didn't stop talking the entire time. Everything was just fast. Not bad fast, just fast. Not-normal fast.

It's so bizarre to watch.

And absolutely heartbreaking when it turns into a day like today, a day where he is definitely not happy.


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