Saturday, November 27, 2010

He's graduated to the serious stylists!

Both boys were in desperate need of a haircut, so Rich and I each took one with us while running errands this morning with the plan of meeting at the kids haircut place at some point. They don't take appointments there, and I wasn't going to be anywhere near there, so I took a chance and called my stylist to see if they could fit Noah in. 

His hair has changed so much in the last few months that I figured he could use a good cut and I could use someone to tell me how best to work with it. We were in luck and within an hour of calling he was in the chair. 

 This is the gal with the magic fingers! Noah thought getting his hair washed was pretty cool.

I know I'm totally biased, but I think he is so handsome! And looking so grownup in these pictures.

We had a great time and Noah was just eating up the attention. He thought it was awesome I was taking pictures and making such a big deal out of his "man" haircut. It's wonderful to see him happy like this, it doesn't happen as often as it should. Damn but I love this kid!


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