Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

I woke up this morning covered in little boy pee. Damn diaper failure. At least it wasn't my own though!

The bus was early, but she waited for us. The bonus was I had a few extra minutes to myself before I had to leave for work.

Too bad I didn't take that time to remember to put my laptop in my briefcase, because as soon as I arrived at work and turned on my desktop I realized that the project I was working on was saved on my laptop.

Fortunately, I'm only about 12 minutes away at that time of day, so I was home, project retrieved, and back at work in less than 35 minutes.

Unfortunately, on my way back to work I drove by a police officer standing on the line in the middle of the road, shooting an injured deer on the side of the road.* I mean I literally drove by as he was aiming the rifle. He waited until I had just passed him to pull the trigger but I heard the crack of the shot. What made it even worse was that the deer was laying down on all four legs, but her head and shoulders were up and she was obviously conscious. She was gorgeous. I know there wasn't anything else that could have been done, but it was still shocking to witness. Of course I started crying and sobbed the rest of the way to work. Just because I grew up a country girl doesn't mean I want anything to do with hunting, even if I understand the practical need for it. I could only think of two things:  that she probably had her own babies that would miss her (I don't care of that is probably romanticizing deer family life) and worse, what if I had had Noah with me and he had witnessed it. He has enough confusing thoughts and nightmares without having to see something like that. Thankfully it was just me.

Work went fine and the day flew by. I even managed to score a couple Pillow Pets at Kohls for $16 a piece with free shipping. Whoo hoo!

Noah got off the bus this afternoon and I could tell his body and mind were moving fast. It took him almost twenty minutes to change into his karate uniform. He spent five minutes of that time running around the house naked. Every part of him is on hyper-drive when he's like that. He talked non-stop to and from karate and during vision exercises, homework and dinner. It continued until his night time meds kicked in and slowed him down enough he could go to sleep. This is his second "manic" period in less than a week. I think it is safe to say that he needs the mood stabilizer we are trying to take him off. He has been off it for ten days and in that time he has had two of these manic episodes and eight out of the ten days he has had major meltdowns in the evening. It sucks that the only way to know for sure if he needs something is to try and take him off of it.

Right now Kiel is in the middle of a bedtime strike and is attempting to charm his way out of the bedroom and down to the couch. Good luck kid.

Better day tomorrow right?

*I live in the 'burbs in an area that was once only farms, fields and woods. It still has plenty of all of that interspersed in the developments that have been built in the last 10 or 15 years. This was a very wooded area.


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  1. Better days all week long, sweetie! Fantastic that you're working w/ a good doc, and figuring this stuff out NOW! As exhausting as it is, getting the medical piece right makes all things possible... go Noah!! go Mom!