Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three Firsts

1. All four of us were able to sit through a movie together today! We saw an advanced showing of Tangled. It was so good. Definitely worth taking the kids to when it opens.

2. At three years and one day Kiel has started asking why. I thought we had another year or so before the "why" stage started. I guess I don't remember when Noah started asking questions like that.

3. Noah spontaneously mentioned to someone that he was adopted, and then said that he didn't grow in my belly. He also said that he didn't have anyone when he was born. I don't remember the exact conversation because I was somewhat in shock that he initiated it at all. At one point he said something about how lucky he was to come to this house, which I took as meaning family. I told him I thought "this house" was very lucky that he came to us.

Earlier in the week we were talking about an event we were going to attend that was for adopted kids. Noah wanted to know if Kiel would be there too, and said something about Kiel being adopted. I reminded him that Kiel grew in my belly. For the first time Noah asked who's belly he grew in. We have talked about this with him before, but clearly he didn't "get it." So we talked about it again and he asked some good questions about why, and if his birth mother (he didn't use that term, but I forgot how he phrased it) is still alive, and then said he would like to meet her sometime. His side of the conversation wasn't quite as clear as that; it was somewhat intertwined with a bit of odd fantasy, but most of his conversations are.


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  1. *I* want to see Tangled! :)
    and I love #3, that is pretty awesome.