Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kiel's karate party!

A few pics of Kiel's birthday party.

Noah was a "helper."

Kicking X-ray targets. They make a great noise!
And more punching. At one point he came at the target head first like a bull. Hysterical!

Love this picture!



Cake from Wegman's. It was yummy!
Making sure Noah doesn't blow out the candles.
Hoping Kiel doesn't fall face first in the cake.
Ooops, forgot to bring a knife. Guess we better use a sword instead.
Cutting with a sword is cool!
Yum, cake!
Opening presents at home with Thor.
Still has his infinity swirls!
I try not to post pictures of other peoples kids on my blog without permission, so there are some great pictures that didn't make it on here.


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