Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21 and I'm running out of the good material

NaBloPoMo is getting kind of old. I really don't have enough angst in my life to make it worth writing every day, unless it is about poop. Or "blow farts" as we are calling them these days. I probably have enough comic material to write every day, but not enough talent to put it out there consistently.

So now you are stuck with the blow by blow of my days, for at least another nine days anyway. Enough to make my newsletter subscribers cancel. Seriously. One did the other day. :(  It makes me sad.

Noah is off school all week. We had a nice day today running errands and then had lunch at Panera. Except for the non-stop chatter, which is overwhelming at times, he was very fun to be with.

I realized during lunch that he has an amazing talent at deflecting conversation. In the past when he wouldn't answer a question we assumed that he didn't understand it, or didn't have enough incite yet. Well, it hit me today when I told him his teacher was concerned about his behavior at school, and asked him what he thought about that. With out missing a beat, he looked at me and said "mom, you having something green on your tooth." I removed the piece of lettuce, and then asked him the question again, and he just as smooth as could be ignored it and asked me something else. It was then that I realized what he was doing, and I started laughing. I called him on it and he tried to deflect again, but I was laughing too much and it made him laugh too. Little booger.

His parent-teacher conference was this afternoon. It wasn't that painful. While his progress report wasn't exactly spectacular (more like dismal), his teacher told me that she thinks he knows the information, but it just isn't reflected in his work. We all agree that he is struggling to retrieve and apply what he knows.

No answers on how to fix it, but good to know we are on the same page.

The good news is that his teacher is in full agreement that Noah doing some type of structured physical activity or a social skills class after school would be more beneficial than homework. That takes some pressure off me instead of trying to balance both.

I'm going to try and find a swim club/group for him. Or possibly gymnastics. Something that is a small group with an instructor that has experience with special needs. Wish me luck on that! Might as well reach for the sky, right?

He had another "blow fart" incident tonight, just as I was leaving to meet my Wise Mommy Friend for a drink and movie. It is clear that I need to teach him to aim his asshole down I guess, since it keeps hitting above the bowl. I suppose that is the difference between having a big ass like mine that covers the hole in the seat, and having a tiny tush like he does that leaves room for spray.

Wise Mommy Friend and I saw Breaking Dawn. It made me laugh. Definitely heavy on the cheese. But, I wouldn't have missed it. And I can't wait for part 2 to come out.

We see TNP tomorrow. The first time since our Elephant in the Room session two weeks ago. Wish me wisdom and patience.



  1. I wish you wisdom, patience and a nice swim group for Noah :-)
    You know what I like about you participating in this blogging-every-day-thing? You write more about everyday life, about the bad AND the good. About normal family life, about your thoughts on other things than Noah. I haven't been following you for that long, just a couple of months now, and although I really like your humorous way of writing about Noah's problems, I like it more that I can now see the complete picture. For me you don't HAVE to write every day, of course, but I wouldn't mind if you kept writing more about everything, instead of just about your doubts and insecurities. Love, Lies (pronounce Leez)

  2. I agree with previous're right out there with no sugar-coating, just real.....the good, the bad, whatev. Good luck today with the snarky therapist. Just keep thinking in your mind how many of your trauma mama friends want to help you kick her azz.

  3. Try to remember that she is providing a service to you. If it doesn't feel right, call her on it. Elephants have no place in a doctors office.