Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday goodness

Rich took advantage of early Black Friday sales at Kohl's last week and purchased an early holiday present. At least that's what we are calling it.

He bought a Dyson at a great sale price.

A really great sale price.

But then he found another coupon, which would make it an even better sale price.

Problem? It was too late to cancel the first order.

So guess what we have sitting in our living room right now?

Yup, two, count them 2, Dysons.

He plans on selling one. It will be interesting to see how long it actually sits in the living room waiting for him to sell it. If anyone local wants a brand new in box Dyson C5 for $250 you know where to come!

We opened up one and Rich used it for a bit. I'm going to say it works well considering he emptied this bunch of shit into the trash when he was done.
Nasty! And a embarrassingly good example of how poor my house keeping skills are, or, how crappy our current vacuum is? It could be my old vacuum right? Right?

Well, welcome home little Dyson, welcome home!

I'm going to park the old vacuum outside Noah's bedroom to see if he freaks out.



  1. I always wanted one of those, but I am definitely not local :) I remember seeing the commercials when it first came out - I even looked it up on the internet. Enjoy! It seemed like it would be awesome!