Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Headed to BlogHer'09 tra-la tra-la! Please ignore my shaking hands.

OK, so I'm basically packed for BlogHer and ready to go. I'm nervous as hell, although once Rich helped me figure out what to wear that settled down a little bit.

I'm a little bummed that I'm likely going to miss out on all the social functions tomorrow though, although the reason is awesome. I'm going to see my best friend Jocelyn (hopefully) and my best friend from college - Kristin.

Kristin is picking me up from the airport. The original plan was Jocelyn would meet us at the hotel and the three of us would hang out all evening and have a PJ party in the room. And maybe I'd slip out to a few events, or try and sneak them in with me.

Well, Jocelyn's husband sucks and he's not doing anything to help with their kids and she couldn't find anyone to watch them Friday morning, so she can't stay. I guess the plan now is to meet her an hour or so outside of Chicago for dinner.

So, back to BlogHer...I'm nervous. I didn't do the pre-conference networking I had planned on doing so I'm pretty much going there not knowing anyone. My biggest social fear! And, I'm not sharing a room with anyone, which is great from the wanting to sleep by myself with no kids or cats waking me up standpoint, but not so good from the having someone make me leave me room standpoint.

So if you are at BlogHer and you are reading this, please make sure I leave my room!

Thank you!

On a completely different note, this past week has been a week of firsts, which I'm prepared to share with you all now.

  • I used a neti pot for the first time. I can't say I have enjoyed it; however, my sinuses do feel clearer. Not as dramatically as I had expected though.
  • I used the Diva cup for the first time. Definitely a learning curve there, but I think I got it down. Most definitely something I'm going to stick with.
  • Kiel had his first haircut, which I wrote about earlier this week.
  • Noah decided to listen to the boys in his group at camp when they told him peeing on the pavilion floor would be funny. So he dropped trough and peed on the floor. All the children laughed, then promptly tattled on him. The adults were pretty much dumbfounded, as was I when they told me.
  • Noah earned his yellow belt in Karate!
  • Kiel said "hat" today.
  • Noah has decided he is a contortionist. Evidence below:
  • Rich sent me flowers at work on Tuesday. Unfortunately I wasn't actually AT work on Tuesday. Ooopps. I did get them today though and they are gorgeous! I think he wants to make sure I really do come home on Sunday after my little taste of freedom.
  • Please ignore the pile of junk next to them. And yes, there are two bottles of wine sitting there. What you don't see is the bottle of vodka, bottle of rum, and bottle of tequila that are sitting next to the wine.
  • And, of course, I am going to BlogHer tomorrow, also a first. And my first time away since well before Kiel was born. Wheeee....
OK, I'm off to bed, where I'll probably not sleep because of nerves and excitement.

Remind me to tell you about the EMDR I did with my therapist in preparation for BlogHer. Yeah, that's how bad my social anxiety is. And if you really want a laugh ask me how my ball of yarn is.



  1. Your social anxiety can't be nearly as bad as Jenny the Bloggess... LOL

  2. You are hilarious!

    If I had a dime for every time my kiddo stuffed himself into one of our dog cages...I'd have quite a bundle on my hands! LOL