Sunday, July 19, 2009

The day we turned the curls into swirls! AKA Kiel's first haircut!

I've been holding off on getting Kiel his first haircut for far too long. I just wasn't ready to cut off his curls. But we had long passed the point of the curls being cute to anyone but his Mama.

We had reached the "business in the front, party in the back" point a couple months ago. But I still couldn't part with those curls! Then I caught a look at him the other day. He was wearing a button down short sleeve shirt and the sleeves had managed to creep up to his shoulders. With the long hair in back, and the sleeveless look going on, he was starting to look a little southern rock (if you want to look at it positively) or white trash (if you wanted to be honest).

So Saturday we drove to the local kids salon, where Noah and Kiel took a ride together.
Look Mom, a magic cape!
OMG, the curls are gone!

Lollipops and balloons make the process much easier.

Mommy is freaking out a little less and enjoying the cuteness!

So freaking cute!!!
And the awesome part of it is that the curls may be gone, but the swirl is still there! There are pictures of the swirl here from a year ago, when he was seven months old.



  1. he looks like such a little man! So hansome. I too am putting off my son's 1st haircut, but he is only 15 months old... and his curls aren't too long in the back yet and he isn't looking like a girl so it can wait.

  2. From darling to darling-er. What a sweet-looking boy.