Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yeah! For summer camp! part 3

Week three at Knee Path Day Camp* and everything is going well. If you actually read** the last two very long, drawn out, posts I figured you deserved a very short, but positive, update.

We had a "team" meeting last week and everyone was able to let go of the problems from the first week and get on the same page. Noah is doing well with his new group and counselors and M seems to be fitting in well with them.

I'm impressed with the camp and the commitment they have made to working with us and Noah. Impressed and grateful!

Noah is having a great time there and is excited to go every morning. He's coming home tired and dirty every afternoon, which is exactly how he should come home!

Yeah for summer camp!

*Not the real name by the way. If anyone lives in my area and would like to know the real name just drop me an email - mommyneedstherapy @ gmail dot com

**I don't blame you one bit if you didn't read them btw! It was far more an exercise in venting for me, than necessary for anyone else to read.


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