Monday, September 12, 2005

Maybe the only thing worse would be if I was a man!

Originally I wasn't going to talk about work on here, but considering no one reads my blog, I don't think it matters. What's a little venting among friends huh?

Although part of a larger organization, there are five of us that make up a separate company within it. Five women, consisting right now of two pregnant woman (one with twins, the other in her first trimester), one going through fertility treatments, one going through menopause (she'd be the one in charge) and me (fertility treatments - done that, pregnant - only if miracles exist, menopause - better be years away).

The truly scary part is that I may be the normal one among us right now. The only rational, clear headed, won't turn a molehill into a mountain, one of us.

Do I really need to say anything more? Men should fear us. There should be force fields up preventing anyone with the Y chromosome from entering our wing. Loud sirens should blare when we step away from our offices in to another part of the building.

Can you say WOMAN! Can you say HORMONAL! Can you say IRRATIONAL!!!!

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