Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh my child, how quickly you learn what you shouldn't.

I try not to swear, I really do. (See early post) But I am my fathers daughter. And he is the King of the swear phrase. Come on - by the time I was five, maybe earlier, I could whip off his favorite phrase without batting an eye. God d*mn, mother f*cking, c*ck sucking, son of a b*tch. Oh yeah, it's impressive. By my teenage years I could recite it and make my head spin around, at least so my mother says.

Well imagine my surprise when this afternoon The Boy was trying to push a large laundry basket full of clothes. It was about three times his size and clearly evidenced by his "Ohhh jeeeesssuuusss" as he pushed it. Although certainly not as impressive in length or composition as my above example, he is clearly, at only 2&1/2, well on his way!

And believe me, he didn't hear that coming from our bedroom!

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