Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yucky raisins

The Boy came upstairs from the basement the other day holding out his hands saying "yucky raisins, yucky raisins." Fortunately he was holding it out to his father! 'Cause it wasn't raisins. It was cat poop. Most likely a "cling-on," or as one of my coworkers calls it, a "hitcher," as in hitchhiker. Fortunately, TB was fairly grossed out when he realized it was poop. Despite what is probably a normal fascination with poop, heaven forbid you forget to show him his poopy diaper when you take it off, he has no interest in actually touching it. One episode of sticking his hand down his diaper and pulling it out dirty cured that. Although he has left a couple butt prints on our window ledges when he was going through his naked phase, and would hide behind the couch in our front window and take everything off. Only a real problem when his desire to be naked was at the same time he was using that spot as his pooping spot. Nother better than poopy butt prints!

I think TB comes by his poop fascination naturally, as my husband has an equal fascination. Last night he came upstairs from cleaning the litter boxes and asked where the camera was. Of course I had to ask why...and he said that there was the biggest turd in the litter box that he had ever seen and he needed to document it. He was sure that there most be a "Worlds greatest poops" show or website. At a minimum he said, he was going to take it to our vet to show off. I'm regretting now that I didn't let him take the picture, or even go see it myself. Now I'm curious.

Amazing Daddy called me at work a couple weeks ago just to tell me about the shit he took. He said it was the BIGGEST and BEST shit he had ever had. In fact, he figured his colon had never been cleaner. How exactly do you respond to that? "Great job honey, I knew you had it in you!"?, or "Well you know babe, thats one of the reasons I married you."?

Reminds me of the old highschool come back "do you want a medal for that? Or just a chest to pin it on."

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