Thursday, September 22, 2005

Life on the farm

TB and Daddy at the wedding

We were away for a while visiting family and helping my best friend get married.

The Boy had a grand old time going to the zoo, feeding the giraffes, going for a ride in Papa's airplane and on his tractors, playing with his cousins, etc.. Life on the farm is good. I miss having all that space! It was so wonderful for The Boy to have all that room to run! And other than a few times making sure he didn't go towards the road, he could do all of this with out me feeling I had to be right on top of him. The only really rough time was when he tried to take a chunk out of his youngest cousins arms when they both wanted the same stick that Papa had just cut down while tree trimming. He also found MomMom's secret cookie stash, which she thought was cute when he come out holding as many cookies as he could in his two chubby hands.

Life is just different on the farm. It's a waste to wear my expensive "designer" ripped up jeans. Mom just wanted to know what I'd been doing that was so rough on my clothes.

And don't forget, they don't get cable in the country. And they only have dial-up. I lost any nostalgia I had when I tried to check my mail and it took minutes to refresh each page. Any desire I had to "move back home" completely disappeared.

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