Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Recipe for a Pissed Off Mom

Take weeks of trying to get Noah off one med and onto another one so he's not really controlled on anything yet and is riding a thin line of mania mixed with mean and nasty.

And then add in a good dose of Mommy and her fucking hormones because apparently my normal level of craziness isn't enough, so we had to add in perimenopause.

Then throw in a pinch of Noah deciding to take two packs of gum from the store yesterday via his pocket, and then lie to us about it when Rich found it.

Mix in a good dose of two boys waking up three times between them during the night.

And let it slow simmer on a rainy Saturday when Rich is at work and all the boys do is fight, wrestle, and say NO to me.

And there you have it! A big pot of Bitch Ass Mommy is not Taking Any Shit.


You might say I'm struggling with the whole therapeutic parenting bit the last few days.


  1. Bitch Ass Mommy is Not Taking Any Shit actually sounds therapeutic to me, compared to what your reaction could have been..... lol...

    Our psych nurse resigned, now we have no one to handle Genea's meds. We are stuck with the crappy mix we have until we can find someone new. Right. There is no one, which is why we had the psych nurse in the first place. Fun times. I'm going to buy double easter candy and eat it.

  2. Essie is right. You are doing a great job! Getting the medication right is very difficult. {{{Hugs}}}

  3. Ugh. Feeling you (& Essie) on the meds. We are at the point where we are desperate for something to help take the edge off her anxiety, but her pedatrician won't prescribe and there is a huge waiting list everywhere else. It really sucks that getting the right services for our kids is so difficiult!