Saturday, April 16, 2011

Almost speechless

I'm trying to look at the positive here. I mean it does show an awesome amount of control and balance to hover like that. And he did get it all in.

And it is pretty funny in a wrong sort of way. And probably way funnier if it isn't your own kid.

So yeah, anyway...

Noah pooped in the litter box today.

I'm so proud! confused amazed proud bewildered not ready to put this in our Christmas letter.



  1. Oh, c'mon, you know that boys will be boys ... ;) Okay, and my son peed in the trashcan because he said he was "a punk".

  2. So you WATCHED him do it?

    Why isn't this shizzle on YouTube then? OMG YOU COULD BE RICH!


  3. Girl. Rock. ON. For this you win a crochet poop. (See here:

    Kudos to him for keeping it in the catbox, right? Another mom from our trip emailed me.. her kid is twice the age of yours and just pooped in the corner of the bathroom..

  4. PS. You know what would be fun? Creating an Orlando "round robin" Christmas letter where everyone could just add their kid's "special accomplishments" on. Because seriously, who else is gonna get this shit? (You like that little pun?) Love you, girl!

  5. OMG Kelley! I did not WATCH him do it! He told us about it after! lmao

  6. Don't make it just an Orlando round robin, Corey! I've got a few humdingers I could add myself.

    Kristine - ok, you got me. It was a close race, but I think you've edged me on this one. My kid peed in my heat vents AND colored all over my house (wood floors, carpet, cabinets, dining set, piano, etc) with a bright blue permanent marker. I've pledged my undying love and devotion to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers as a result.

  7. Oh no Diana, you definitely won this one!! He got all the shit in the litter box, and all it took to clean up was dumping the entire box. And, my husband cleaned it up!

    Pee in the heat vents? Yikes! That could stick around for a while.