Wednesday, April 06, 2011

All that over a cookie?

Yesterday while on our way to Noah's vision therapy appointment I had to pull off to the side of the road.

Because of a cookie. A cookie I wouldn't give Noah, even though he was starving! and needed! that cookie.*

So Noah had a temper tantrum. Like a two year-old, but in an eight year-old body. A screaming, trash talking, spitting and throwing, kicking my seat temper tantrum. While I was driving.

And I thought "fuck this shit" and I pulled over and sat there with my hazard lights on, while Noah continued to freak the fuck out. And I sat there checking my email on my phone and half hoping/half fearing that the police were going to pull up behind me.

Eventually he calmed down and we drove home. No police. I have no idea if it made an impact on him or not. I do know he will be cleaning up the spit in the back seat after school tomorrow.

When we got home Noah went to spend some time in his room. I ate the cookie. It was a good cookie!

*There was a cookie, and I did refuse to give it to him because between picking him up from school and him seeing there was a cookie, I realized he had lied to me about cleaning something out of the car the night before.



  1. Argh! I remember thinking the same thing about Genea when she first arrived. I have a 4 year old (at the time) who can talk and move around and has the physical ability of a 4 year old that acts like an encrazed toddler.
    Glad you ate the cookie.
    btw, hilarious comment you left on my blog! BAha ha!

  2. You totally earned that cookie more than he did. And BTW, I've also pulled over and almost hoped for the cops too!

  3. I see why you pulled over and didn't give in to not reinforce tantrums. I am curious here (not imparting an assvice or telling you how to parent as I truely have no idea what it is like to be Noah's mom) but have you ever spanked him and if so what was the result? I have for my son for serious things like pushing the glass up from under the table which could fall through and hurt him and it worked after 2x.

  4. We had a similar situation today that I wrote about, but over Subway. I didn't have to stop. But I did sort of feel like driving right into a liquor store.

  5. I am VERY glad you ate the cookie!