Monday, April 11, 2011

Noah wrote this. It made me cry. In a good way.


Good day. My name is One-Who-Helped-Another. If you listen, you can hear the sound of my breathing on the day I got a new name. Whew! Whew! I was almost out of breath. I had been running in the woods.

Whew! Whew! I was breathing so hard I couldn't bear to stand anymore. I was speeding through the large forest. I couldn't stop thinking about my sick mother waiting for me to return with the herbs to make my Mom better.

My tribe picked me because I'm as fast as a mountain cat. Many trees block my way, but I keep moving. It is very cold living in the Northwest in the fall. Brrrrrrrrr!!! I can feel the cold air wind on my face. "Crack! Crack!" went the branches under my feet. I can smell the smell of sticky sap from the pine trees.
At last I saw the mountain up ahead. "I found it! I found it!" I exclaimed. But then I remembered that I had to climb it.

I am so tired from running so far for so long, but I remember my Mom and how sick she is. That gives me the power to climb to the top of the mountain. WHEW!

Whoosh! Whoosh! The wind blew forcefully. With all my hard work and strength at last I reached the mountain top. I gathered the medicinal herbs and stored them in my pouch. I climbed down carefully. It was hard, but I still did it for my Mom.

When I got to the bottom I ran as fast as a mountain cat back to my village. I was there! I was excited! I gave my Mom the medicinal herbs. The very next day my Mom felt better. All of the people cheered for me. But then my chief said, "You have been very brave. From now on you should be called, "One-Who-Helped-Another."

I felt strong. I thought to myself that was the best thing I had ever done.

  -  Noah's "Mask Story," March 2011

Mommy's note: Writing this was a big accomplishment for Noah! Four months ago he was not able to attend to, or stay on track with, something this involved. Not to mention the story made me cry!


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  1. Kris-stopped me a very warm way!! when you look at the themes from a radish perspective,things are coming around in a BIG way... In addition to the outstanding writing and the really huge accomplishment on the focus & attention piece (no small thing, that), the themes of "one who helps" and the inspiration to scale mt.s from a state of complete exhaustion all to save one's mom... really incredibly moving! so happy for all of you!!