Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update on the co-sleeping

We may have encountered a slight bump in the road in our co-sleeping arrangement.

Kiel has discovered the delights of watching TV in bed. Which is just another reason I can claim that it doesn't take genetics to make him my child.

When we first started this arrangement Kiel was starting out the night in the pack 'n play in our room, where he has been sleeping since he was about nine months old. Inevitably he would end up in our bed around 4am.

One of the reasons we never moved Kiel into his own room is because his room shares a wall with Noah's room, and if it isn't Kiel crying in the night waking up Noah, it's Noah the Rooster waking up at his usual 5:30am. Either one turns into a nightmare. If Kiel is crying in his room it wakes up Noah, who is an incredibly light sleeper. And when Noah wakes up at 4am he is awake for the day. And the boy is manic that early in the morning. It makes for a shit-tastic day for everyone. If it is Noah who wakes up first, even though he's not allowed out of his room that early, keeping him quiet while he is in there is pretty much impossible.

Not that I really need to explain to anyone why we have made this decision, but in case anyone wondered, it isn't all about me needing to cling on to mah bay-bee as long as I can. Although I do plan on clinging on to mah bay-bee as long as I can.


The first couple nights that Kiel started out the night sleeping in our bed he realized he could get out of it and would come and find us downstairs.

It is actually pretty damn cute. We hear the thump as he gets out of bed, then the pitter-patter of his little feet making their way to the stairs. And then one little thump after another as his bottom hits each step as he slides down. Slowly. One step at a time. Sometimes it takes him two or three minutes to make it all the way.

And then he sits on the step just above where he can see us, and waits. Every couple minutes peeking around the wall to see if we know he is there, with his "I'm so fucking cute and I know I'm getting away with murder" smile.

I seriously can't even look at him when he does this because it cracks me up.

But this week, as I said, he learned the joy of watching TV in bed. So now, instead of him waking up and coming down to us, we go up to go to sleep and find him sitting up in bed watching Noggin. All propped up by the pillows. Sometimes with the cat asleep next to him. Like the fucking King of Sheba.

Tonight, Rich and I went to see a movie and the baby sitter said she only heard him once, but he calmed right down. Well yup, he did. Because when we got home and went to check on him, there he was, happy as could be, sitting up in bed watching Dragon Tails.

So Rich and I both got in bed with him and cuddled him, which is another post entirely.*

Finally, he fell asleep and Rich and I decided we wanted to do a little cuddling of our own. We quietly extricated ourselves (and our ear lobes) to the bed in Kiel's "someday he'll sleep in there" bedroom.

After we finished "cuddling" we went back into our bedroom. And guess what we found?

Yup. Kiel sitting up in bed watching TV. With that most adorable shit eating grin on his face.

The TV is now unplugged. Because, yes, we are smarter than a two year old.

* Although I will tell you the cutest part of it. He lay in bed between us holding on to one of Rich's earlobes with his right hand, and one of my earlobes with his left hand. The boy has a thing for lobes.



  1. I have three boys. Each one has gotten a little more devious than the last. I can only imagine what I'm up against with my latest creation! I wouldn't be able to look at him either... The smiles melt my heart too quickly!

  2. I found your blog today and thought I would say hi. My oldest has about the same diagnoses that yours does (SPD, PDD, Biploar and a musing number of others) and thought you should know that both therapy AND wine are required for parenting such kiddos!

    My youngest (I have three boys) also is a fan of staying up--but not for the TV, for the train table Santa brought. I leave his room with him *about* asleep to find 30 minutes later he has turned on his light and is playing trains. All the time. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Sometimes I wonder if babies are intentionally super cute and lovable, which makes us adults just adore them! Then they get to get away with staying up late and watching tv and everything else :) Good idea unplugging the TV, then your little baby boy can go back to looking out for you at the bottom of the staircase, which is totally more adorable :D