Tuesday, January 05, 2010

He has a point

Kiel pooped while I was waiting for Noah's bus to bring him home. I have to be physically present for them to let him off the bus so I didn't change Kiel's diaper until Noah was actually in the house.

Noah walked in the door and immediately said "yuck, something stinks."

"Yeah, I know, Kiel pooped but I was waiting for you to get home before I changed him."

Noah looked a little perplexed and said "why? so I could smell it too?"



  1. Now that is funny!!

    Great that the bus won't drop him off without you being physically present, my DD gets dropped off without me being out the door. I usually try to be at the door but with the two little ones, sometimes I am late getting over to the doorway .. I wish they would make sure I am seen before dropping her off, think it would be safer.

  2. hey! this is SO weird - i posted last night. granted it was after midnight, but you know we mom's and fellow blog stalkers - time is irrelevant. so i have no idea what i did? the jist was that i was really excited to get your card and be tuned into your blog so now i can follow your family adventures -- also that your humor and real mix is nothing short of what i'd expect from you guys -- i've always loved your ability to approach life with a gentle mental balance of fun and real :) thanks for inviting me to follow along :) oh yea, the other thing i said was i can't believe noah is 6 already. i remember distinctly the day i met him!! how can he be 6 when we have not aged a bit???

  3. Absolutely hilarious! I think kids teach us different ways to see (and,um, smell!) the world!