Sunday, January 24, 2010

More discussion of The Frankenvulva

If you haven't noticed already, I rewrote the original "Let's talk about my vagina post." I felt it needed some cleaning up and a little more clarification. If you have a chance go back and check it out and let me know what you think. I'm considering submitting it to a few things so I would love some feedback from you guys before I do that.

The question was asked as to what the doctor will do to fix all of this. He was a little short on the details during that visit but promised me more when we meet prior to surgery. Of course I will have it all researched well before then.

Basically he will do some sort of sling procedure to put my bladder back in the right place and keep it up there. As for the rectocele I imagine he'll be repairing the tissue between my rectum and vaginal wall so my rectum isn't trying to push itself out through my vagina anymore. The uterine prolapse is relatively minor apparently and I'm not clear yet on how he puts it back in place. Of course the first question they ask is how much do you really want to keep your uterus. To which I say I'm really rather fond of it, thank you very much. The actual frankenvulva repair is the more cosmetic surgery stuff. I assume they will essentially recreate the epesiotomy so they have fresh tissue to sew back together.

I do know I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than ten pounds for six weeks after the surgery. How I'm supposed to do that with a two year old could be tricky, but we'll figure it out.

The doctor said it is done under spinal anesthesia, so I guess I'll be awake. Maybe they'll let me watch! Hmmm...I wonder if I can take in pictures of other women's bits and show him what I'd like to look like? I'm seriously considering asking for a hoodectomy. I would love to talk to someone who has had that done. If you know of anyone would you ask them to drop by and tell me about it?


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