Saturday, June 13, 2009

When Eden Fantasys, the toddler's sock drawer, and the babysitter collide.

The other day our babysitter was over watching Kiel while Noah and I went to my karate class. (I really need to tell you guys about that sometime.) At the last minute as I was running out the door I pointed to where Kiel's shoes were in case they wanted to go outside.

Getting in the car I saw one of Kiel's socks, which reminded me that he was only wearing one sock at the time. Ehh..I thought, she'll find another one for him. And on my way I went.

A few hours later I was getting Kiel ready for bed and it hit me that he was wearing socks on both feet, and they were cleaner than they usually were at the end of the day because I'm so damn good at keeping my floors clean. And then it really hit me. The baby sitter had put a new pair of socks on Kiel. And to do that, she had to go into Kiel's sock drawer to get them.

Guess what I keep in Kiel's sock drawer. No...really...guess. got it. My "toy" collection. Well, a good portion of it anyway.

Now I know your first thought is "why in the hell does she keep things like that in a baby's sock drawer." And I can understand your confusion. But really, it makes perfect sense. Who is going to go into a sock drawer? Certainly not my boys. It's too high up for Kiel to reach, unlike my bedside drawer where they used to be. And since I was tired of finding Kiel with a vibe in his mouth, it seemed prudent to move them out of his reach. And Noah isn't going to go in there and check it out since its just a boring sock drawer, so no risk of him finding something and asking awkward questions. Questions like "Mom, what's this?" to which I reply with statements like "a back scratcher" or "something that helps mommy write better," etc. All of which I've used before btw.

So yeah, the baby sitter found my toy stash. When I realized it I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. Mostly I laughed. Because my baby sitter is teh awesome! But she's very "pure" and despite being in her 20's (in case you are concerned I'm corrupting a minor), according to her sister has probably never seen "toys" like that.

Rich thinks maybe she really didn't see anything. I'm finding that hard to believe. What do you guys think?

Pretty obvious huh? Even for the uninitiated?

Just in case you see anything interesting in there and want to know what it is I went ahead and labelled everything for you. It's all available at Eden Fantasys btw. My favorite online adult toy store!

click on the picture to enlarge it

And just in case you read this Drew, I know I owe you a review for the
"Ooooh! that's it!" G-spot stimulation gel. Sad to say I haven't tried it yet. Things have been a little slow in the bedroom lately.

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  1. So thats what they mean when they say that some things that are wrong, just seem so right!

    Whats the new location - the cleaning cupboard or behind an old TV?

  2. I did read the post. I was just flabberghasted.

    When the kids get older, you will have to rethink the sock drawer thing.

    We keep ours in a lockbox under the bed. The last thing I want is one of my teens borrowing my toys.

  3. oh yes, she saw it. I hid mine so well, I am unsure of it's current location. With my luck, my mom will find it when she comes up to help with the baby in the fall.

  4. Oh wow. It was funny enough, but then after telling the story, you turned it into a review opp by labeling everything for the reader's benefit... brilliant.