Monday, June 15, 2009

When behavior goes all to piss over a UTI

Noah woke up Friday night crying that his penis hurt. He'd actually mentioned a few times late in the week that his penis hurt when he pee'd. I can't believe we didn't pick up on it until he was crying in the middle of the night. Oh yeah, rocking this parenting thing. In our defense, he does this rocking thing, which I'm sure I've talked about before, and sometimes that irritates it, so it's not that unusual for him to say it hurts.

So we took him to the doctors Saturday morning and yup, he has a urinary tract infection. He started antibiotics and was doing much better by Sunday.

That alone doesn't really make for an interesting post, except for the fact that I talk about my son's penis and if he ever reads this some day he'll be mortified and probably need even more therapy than he already does unless you know what an awful week we had last week.

Noah's behavior was horrible. He earns points every day in his class, and he had the two lowest days all year last week. And on Wednesday he was involved in a "scuffle" and bit a kid, which could have gotten him suspended. Fortunately they took the time to figure out what had happened and with the help of Noah's TSS realized the other kid was equally at fault. Still, there is no excuse for biting and even if Noah was provoked we had to take it seriously.

All in all it was just a rough week for Noah, which means a rough week for Rich and me. And lots of losing patience on my part.*

So, the moral of this story, in my round about way, is that I need to remember that when Noah is off, especially for more than a day, I need to open my eyes and consider what else might be going on. I also might want to look at my overuse of commas. We already know that when his encopresis is acting up he tends to struggle more with his behavior. It makes complete sense to me that if his body is fighting an infection it would impact him.

Such a sensitive child we are raising.

On another note. Did I offend anyone with my sock drawer post? Only one comment and I practically had to beg my friend Ozz to leave that one. Or maybe I just left you all speechless?

*Can you buy patience? Because seriously, I seem to be losing mine faster than I can find it.

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  1. Your sock drawer post simply left me speechless. I mean really, what was there to say :-). I wasn't offended at all, just amused.

    I'm sorry to hear about your rough week. I'm just now starting to realize that my daughter is having issues that have been affecting her for years, and probably contributed to her not getting into the school that would really have been the best place for her to grow to her full potential. And I have NO idea what to do about them.

    So yeah, we all suck as parents. It is part of the job. We just have to do the best we can and deal with it, or so I keep telling myself.

  2. We had one who did that. He always managed to do it on a Sunday, when we were out of town, and there was no pharmacy open within 200 miles.

    I guess that's parental payback.

  3. With us it was ear infections. We'd wonder why Grace was nasty and crabby for three days straight and then suddenly it'd occur to us that she had an ear infection. Somehow we were slow on the uptake despite the fact she'd been having tubes put in since she was 9 mos old. I don't know why we expect ourselves to be perfect parents when presumably we weren't perfect before we started having kids.

    (I typed this whole comment without commas just to make up for your overuse. Consider it the grammatical version of carbon offsets).