Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Once again the wonderful people at Eden Fantasys offered to let me review one of their adult toys!

Who thinks working there must be one of the best jobs ever!?!

This time they sent me Little Paul.  I know, Little Paul!  If I was Paul I definitely would not want to be referred to as "little."  And why Paul?  Did Paul design it?  These are some of the things I think about late at night.  Sad, I know...
Annnyyywayyy.....meet Little Paul.  He has eyes, and what looks like a mouth.   And he's kind of segmented, like a worm.  Cute or creepy?  I'm not quite sure yet. Because now all I can think of is him inside my va-jay-jay eying up my cervix.  Or knocking on my G-spot.  Helllooooo  anyone home?  And if there's an echo...well, I had a baby peoples, with forceps, and stitches that came out too soon.  Just saying...

OK, OK, back to Little Paul.


Breathe, Katt, breathe.  I'm loosing focus here.  'Cause I'm cracking myself up!

OK, so Little Paul.  When I opened up the package my first thought, after I saw he was made in Germany, was that he's really smooth feeling.  Soft, smooth feeling.  Quite nice actually. I guess that's from the medical grade 100% silicone.

According to the description Little Paul is about half the size of his "colleagues."  Since I don't have much to compare him to I'll take their word for it.  He's definitely smaller than the real thing (yes honey, I mean you and by more than a "little"!).  But he did hit the spot he was intended to hit.  So yes, if you've been following the saga, I have indeed located my G-spot.  Still working on getting it to perform as I'd like, but that's a post for another day.

Of course Little Paul vibrates, because whats the point if it doesn't, right?  There are two push buttons towards the base that control the different vibratory variations. (I kept losing track of where the buttons were though, which was kind of frustrating.)  There are increasing levels of intensity, and then a couple options with different pulsing variations.  And it's quiet, which I really liked.  No worrying you are going to wake someone up.  Like a horny husband the kids.  And a very smooth vibration, if that makes sense.  Ultimately though, I would have liked it more if the intensity had increased a couple more levels.  As I've said before, I need the powerz people.

So, the Pros:  discreet, very quiet, love the feel of the silicone, multi-speed vibration, definitely felt like a well made, quality item,  cute (if you don't think about the eyes)

And the Cons: I didn't like the position of the push-button controls, the vibration wasn't powerful enough for me, moderately pricey at $47.99 (although again, good quality)

If you are looking for a good quality, discreet, G-spot vibe, and you don't require serious power in your vibration, I would say Little Paul is a good choice for you.  I you require the powerz though, like I do, well, we'll keep on looking.


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