Sunday, May 03, 2009

Caught with our pants down and ass in the air

I pride myself on being pretty honest on my blog. Some might say too the point of TMI. But how can I not share the stuff that makes me laugh? And this morning, I was in hysterics.

You know, with two kids, one of who still sleeps in our room, the opportunity for Rich and I to "get busy" doesn't happen as often as he'd we'd like.

Last night, Rich and I went out to dinner for my birthday. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed great food, even better wine, and each others company. And then we came home and were too stuffed and too tired to enjoy each others company in the nekkid way we had planned.

So this morning Rich settled Noah in front of the TV watching a movie with Kiel, with strict instructions to stay there because he was going to be upstairs with Mommy, and Mommy and Daddy would be deciding how much candy he could have today while they were up there.

So Rich met me upstairs and we got our Sunday morning quickie on. There we are, Rich on top, nekkid butt towards the door (which of course he locked! Come on peoples, we aren't that bad of parents). When all of a sudden we hear "DAD, What are you Doing?" with more confusion in Noah's voice than I've ever heard before. It appears the door was locked, yet it hadn't quite latched itself fully into the door frame.

My quick response? "Exercise, we're exercising Noah."

Rich's quick response? "Yoga, Mommy and Daddy are doing yoga."

Noah? "That's not yoga Daddy."

And that's all he said. Rich was up by then and I was covered up (and laughing hysterically in my pillow) and Noah just wanted to know why we were taking so long to decide about his candy.

Hopefully we didn't scar him for life. He doesn't have a clue about sex yet. I wonder what he'll remember when he finally understands just what we were doing when he saw Daddy doing push-ups on Mommy.

So how about you guys? What are your "caught by your kids" stories? Or even worse, when you caught your own parents!


  1. Now you know my inside joke, with my ex, "What choo doing?" To my left, a little face, laying on the bed, still standing on the floor. :) She is 20 now and has never mentioned it.

  2. That was so funny. All though I haven't had that problem. I double, triple and even husband does it. We always say we are doing the taxes. We laugh about it. Our kids are 15 and 19 now. Your blog made my day.

  3. I'm a "lock the door, covered with a blanket type." But the kid knocking on the door has happened to us. Without fail when Mommy is busy with anything from "you know what" to on the phone, that is when the kids need Mommy most. Without fail.

  4. I sincerely doubt that a three year old will even remember this episode when he's sitting on a psychiatrist's couch in his thirties.

    Back in the WAY OLD days, families had one room houses AND eleven kids. I think, in our medically clean modern world, we put way too much effort into keeping sex from our kids.

  5. Our 6 yr old daughter caught us going at it in the shower recently. We told her we were hugging. I think she bought it.

  6. oh no!! We've never been caught doing IT, but Jake caught us eating ice cream after he went to bed a few weeks ago. he was mortified. All he could say was "what are you doing?!?! i thought you went to BED when i went to bed"

    I'm sure he will totally forget it, and if he does, he will get over it by the time he is ready to start (gasp) thinking about a sex life of his own.

  7. I think maybe we should start worrying less about how traumatized our kids will be around sex and more about what screwy associations they're going to have around things like yoga, exercise, candy and taxes! (Doing taxes? Seriously? That's hilarious!)

    Only sitch we've had is when I noticed 15 yr old spying on us from the deck outside our door. That traumatized me, especially as I was, um, in 'servicing' mode.