Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's an honor to be nominated! But hell yeah, I'd like to win!

This has been quite a week for me in my blogging life. One thing I'm not sure I can talk about yet, but two I can tell you about.

First, I'm going to review another product soon from Eden Fantasys. Whoohooo! You can see my first review here.

And second, and equally, if not more, exciting, I've been nominated for a Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks awards in the Best Local Blog category. Me! Little ol' me, the mommy that needs therapy and writes about adult toys and whines a lot drinks wine a lot.

I have to be honest and say that I'm really not sure how this works. I do know that I received an email a few weeks ago about my blog being part of GoCityKids/ParentsConnect Local. They described themselves to me as a Webby Award-winning website that's now a part of Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect group, a website that offers extensive information for families about what's happening in cities and towns across the US. I read the email, thought "cool," and promptly forgot about it until last week when I googled myself and found it was looking back through my email.

So here I am!

I'm listed as an "attraction" which I'm finding quite amusing. Heh And the "cost" is "free" and I'm suitable for "all ages." *snicker*

I think I need people to follow the link (here it is in case you missed the first one) and review it or rate it. Right now I have one (1), yes ONE, review/rating. Mary, I love you!! Who ever you are!

So if you feel at all inclined to boost my blogging confidence, which impacts my real life confidence far more than I should ever admit, I'd be thrilled.

Just in case you missed the first two links to it, HERE IT IS AGAIN.




  1. I just found your blog through a comment somewhere, and am getting nice and comfy to go back and read the archives. So much for an early night :)
    Since I've already had tears in my eyes and laughed out loud from just the first page, I went ahead and boosted your ego by adding another review at the gocitykids site.

  2. that is awesome! Congratulations!