Monday, August 09, 2010

They say it will grow back

I did something horrible. And now I'm paying the price.

It's going to take a while to fix this one.

Remember this? The book, the ugly cry, the puffy eyes, the wine? And then the short hair?

Well, I freaking did it again. Only this time I don't have a book or puffy eyes to blame it on. This time I totally blame it on my mother. Who really had nothing at all to do with it, but I'm going to blame it on her anyway.

Because she's the one that passed down the crazy to me, and the crazy had me convinced that my hair was starting to look just like hers. And if there was anything I promised myself I was not going to do like my mother it was going to be my hair. OK, there have been a lot of things I promised myself I would not do like my mother, but that's another 10, 35, 47, 105 posts. This one is totally about my hair.

And OMFG but I cut it all off. Well, I didn't. I just sat there with the glass of wine and told my stylist that I was looking too much like my mother and she had to cut it completely different. And since it was fairly short to begin with, that didn't really leave her much to work with.

So I totally do not look like my mother now. Nope, not even close. Because she at least has hair.

Actually, that's not true either. I completely look like my mother if she was 30, 40, fine 50 pounds heavier and decided to go butch.

So I'm pretty sure I don't like it yet. Especially since I have a tendency to play with it when I'm working. And with it this short any playing I do tends to puff it up and out in a rather crazy fashion.

I definitely think it is too short for my pudgy face. The cut itself is awesome. If it was on a less fat face it would be adorable.

You may think I'm just being hyper-critical of myself, but not a single person at work even commented on my hair today. Not one! And there is no way that no one noticed. So...I'm thinking I won't be staying with this look.

Thankfully hair grows. And for now it is awfully easy to fix in the morning.

Oh well, in other news Kiel might have the coxsackieviruses (hand, foot and mouth disease). I imagine I'll know more tomorrow if he has more blisters. I think it's going to be a rough night for all of us tonight.

I'm getting over a five day migraine, which coincidentally seems to have come and gone with Aunt Flo this month. So kind of her to gift me with a migraine during her visit, don't you think?

Rich is heading off for two days to Atlantic City with his best friend for a little sun on the boardwalk and gambling. It never fails, that when he goes away to a conference or just for a day out with friends something crazy happens or one of us is sick. I think I can downplay this one enough so he's not feeling guilty about going. He deserves the time away.

And in other news, tomorrow is my 5 year blog anniversary!!!  I should be doing something awesome for my readers to help me celebrate. But I'm not. Sorry. I've been spending what free time I have researching new brain therapies for Noah and putting together a new team to work with him. I hope to have more to report on that in a couple weeks.

Maybe tomorrow I'll grab a few minutes and get some thoughts down on how it feels to have blogged for five years and how amazing it has been.



  1. I think the hair cut is cute and I do NOT think you have a fat face. I can sympathize, however, and am growing my hair out right now. I am Black and to avoid having a huge melon head with an afro, I am waiting.... LOL

  2. I think it looks totally cute - and just right for your face! It works very well for you. But, as someone who HATES change, I feel your pain. Hopefully it will grow on you before it grows out for you;)

  3. I agree I think it is so cute! I love short hair!