Monday, August 02, 2010

Man on the Run. Let me hum you a few bars.

Rich and I had date night Saturday. We saw Eclipse. He's so good to me.

Then we went shopping.

That's typically how our date nights work. We do dinner or a movie, then spend the rest of the time food shopping or doing errands. It might not sound romantic, but its a heck of a lot better than trying to do those things with kids hanging on you. Why, we occasionally get downright romantic over in the organic produce section.

One of the best parts of our relationship is that we make each other laugh, so even shopping we are making jokes that typically only one of us can understand.

Occasionally the joke is at one of our expense, but sometimes that is even funnier, because it usually means we walked right into it.

Case in point, Saturday night as we were driving I asked Rich if he didn't ever get tired of listening to the Springsteen channel all the time on satellite radio. And I really do mean all the time

He said "nope, never. In fact, when I die I want to be burried with all my Bruce CD's."

What about all the vinyls you still have, I asked.

Nope, just the CD's.

Well, OK then. So what song do you want me to have them play for you at the funeral, Man on the Run?

He looked at me funny, then said, Do you mean Band on the Run?

To which I said, uhh, no, that doesn't really have the same message does it? (Because at this point I'm thinking myself to be very clever to have come up with this one - because really, Man on the Run at a funeral? How appropriate right?)

He's still looking at me funny and he hums a few bars of it, and I say "yeah, exactly, that one."

Babe, it's Band on the run, not man on the run.

Really? Are you sure?

And it's not a Springsteen song, it's a Wings song.

Hmmm...and I was so sure. Wow, so all those years I've been singing it wrong. Oh well, do you at least get why I thought it was funny?

Umm, no.



  1. Too funny! That happens in our house all the time, but usually it's my husband being confused. He *never* has the words right!

    (He tries to say it's because he grew up in Brazil and is a non-native speaker of English, but to that I say, waa waa waa.)

    Gonna go tune in the 70s on satellite radio right now.

  2. I love when I can reveal to someone what the real lines of a song are. Love making people feel silly.

    Also, I'm almost done reading Eclipse. I'm tempted to just go see the movie because I'm so tired anymore and can hardly keep my eyes open to read the words!

  3. It's hard to relearn a song with the right lyrics when you have sang the same wrong words over and over again. I am guilty of the same thing. Lol! For me, the book is so much better than the movie because you just let your imagination run wild. Enjoy reading!

  4. I completely get why it's funny! I thought it was a deliberate play on words. LOL! Love that song, too!

    Did you see the performance when Paul McCartney was awarded the Gershwin pop award at the White House?

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