Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas came early! aka My review of EcoMaids of Philadelphia - part 2

This is my review of EcoMaids as I promised in my post from yesterday.  I took some before video because I temporarily misplaced my camera (shocking I know). I spent about two hours editing it today and now I can't get it to save and format correctly. Fortunately, I found the camera just before they arrived so I did get some before pics of the kitchen and I was able to pull some off the video for the bathroom.

Friday afternoon Adrienne, Clara and Michelle arrived from EcoMaid. They came prepared with everything they needed to clean my kitchen and master bath. They even brought their own step ladder.

They changed out of their street shoes when they got inside, which impressed me.

I showed them around and they got to work. Adrienne worked on the bathroom while Clara and Michelle cleaned the kitchen.

They were here for three hours. I know that was at least an hour longer than they had anticipated.

I was surprised by two things. One, I didn't realize just how long it had been since I'd done a thorough cleaning of everything in these rooms, and two, I had no idea they would be so thorough! By hour two I was getting embarrassed that my house was so dirty! I mean seriously, my kitchen is not that big, but I have a lot of stuff. Tons of stuff! Too much stuff on the counters and not enough cabinet space. *sigh*

They cleaned everything! Even on top of the refrigerator.

They wiped down the cabinets, cleaned all the crockery I have on the counters holding things, and even cleaned the canisters that I keep flour and sugar in. And they organized the stuff.

For example:

  stove area before

and after

kitchen sink and counter before

and after.

and more after.

Noah is actually in awe at how shiny the sink is.

And yes, I really need a liquor cabinet to put all those bottles in. Those women must have thought we were alcoholics. I didn't even bother trying to explain that we really don't drink that much, we just don't have anywhere else to put them or are too lazy to find a place.

Adrienne did a wonderful job in the bathroom. And if you thought I had a lot of stuff on my kitchen counters, check out the shit in my bathroom.

(where the beauty happens)

And after. All clean and organized.



This is an after pic, but it shows more of my crap. I did go through and throw some of the stuff out on top of that cabinet after I took the pictures. It's a start people...

Another after pic without a good before. Look, no shampoo bottles, cars, trucks, or blocks in it!

Kiel likes to crawl in and out of the tub when Rich and I are getting ready in the morning. He also likes to throw things into it, and race his cars up and down the sides.

The negatives:
  • They were scheduled to be at my house between 11am and noon. They called right at noon and said they were held up at another house and would be at my place in an hour. They arrived shortly after 1pm. It wasn't a big deal as I was home all day. I imagine its a bit difficult to schedule exact times when they are working with new clients and learning how much time is going to be involved. I know they were late for their next client (I overheard them call him/her) because they took much longer at my house than they expected.
  • I wasn't super excited by the smell of the cleaning stuff they used in the kitchen. It wasn't a horrible smell, just an odd clean smell. I think it had peroxide in it and I was smelling that. It didn't last long and it certainly wasn't a deal breaker. I still like that they were using "green" and "safe" products.
Overall? I was thrilled. Obviously my kitchen and bathroom have not been clean like that in quite a while. And I can guarantee that it has been even longer since they were both clean on the same day! I've been trying very hard this weekend to keep them clean. So far so good!

If I had actually paid for this service I would have felt like I got an absolute steal for the price ($49.95). Of course if they came back in a couple weeks and did it again it wouldn't take as long. And if they did it regularly it would be even easier. Theoretically anyway.

Thank you Adrienne, Clara and Michelle! And Avi at EcoMaids! You really did give me a wonderful early Christmas present.

If you are looking for someone to clean your home check them out! And tell them Kristine from Mommy Needs Therapy sent you! 

**Update: Avi from EcoMaids is offering $25.00 OFF their cleaning service to anyone that requests an estimate and cites this review as the referral source.**

Discloser: While I did receive a free kitchen and bath Fill In cleaning from EcoMaids in exchange for this post, my review and opinions of their service are completely my own. Like I said yesterday, I don't bullshit my readers when it comes to money.


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  1. OMG! I have to show this to my husband. He claims I can't get maid service because I have too much "chyt" around. How does the rest of the house look? LOL. Do they wash floors? I hope that they are in the Washington, D.C. area, and are as affordable.