Thursday, December 24, 2009

And a very merry Christmas eve to all!

I'm enjoying my last few minutes of peace and quiet for the next two days. And I'm OK with that!

I think I may be as excited as Noah is. Is there really anything better than sharing Christmas morning with children that believe in every bit of the magic the season entails?

It is pure magic to Noah. From the Elf on the Shelf that he looks for and talks to every morning, to his video message from Santa. From the very large package that one of Santa's elves brought early because it wouldn't fit in his sled and is now driving him crazy wondering if it is a giant box of Lego's (it's not :( - It's a Wavemaster), to the daily count down that has led to today - Christmas eve!

I'm in a good place too. I'm feeling very grounded and appreciative of all that I have. We "adopted" a boy from a local childrens home for emotionally troubled children and provided him Christmas presents (all organized by the awesome instructors at Action Karate - New Britain). It makes me so thankful that no matter what Noah goes through, now or in the future, he will always have his family with him, loving and supporting him.

The last package we were waiting for arrived this morning. It is a play kitchen for Kiel, his main present from Santa, and I have to thank customer service at Step2 who made sure one was overnighted to us yesterday when we realized that the original box had never shipped.  While it wouldn't matter to Kiel if it had arrived late, it would have concerned Noah that a present was arriving late from Santa. I'm glad we don't have to try and explain that one.

I'm about to go get a head start on our Christmas morning breakfast. I'll make my favorite Jewish Apple Cake but bake it in a Christmas tree-ring pan. I will also make the almost famous MNT Sneaky Pumpkin pancakes. And then bacon quiche biscuit cups, a recipe from Pillsbury that we tried a couple weeks ago when our nephew and his family came for brunch and Rich loved.

And after lunch and a nap I have everything needed for the boys to decorate gingerbread men cookies. I anticipate lots of fun and mess from that. Rich is in charge of Christmas eve dinner. I have a feeling we will be ordering Chinese.

After the boys are in bed we will put the kitchen together and make sure everything is ready for Santa! We are even setting up the camera to get a picture of him when he is delivering the presents. That is going to blow Noah's mind!

If we aren't up half the night putting the kitchen together I'll try and post that picture.

Don't forget to follow Santa on NORAD!

Wishing all of you a very merry Christmas from the entire MNT family - Kristine, Rich, Noah, Kiel, Stell and Thor!


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  1. Merry Christmas wishes to you & yours!

    And I'll have to try those pancakes on my 6yr old - thanks for the recipe